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TALUS Sintered Slab
TALUS Sintered Slab is made of inorganic clay, silica, inorganic clay and feldspar powder after fine grinding and pressurized burning under high temperature of 1200 °, boasting extremely stable physical and chemical properties, making it an unparalleled decorative surface material for both outdoors or outdoor walls and grounds, bathroom and kitchen surfaces, even cabinets with scratch resistance, durability, and esthetics.

TALUS Sintered Slab is suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications:

Construction Industry:
Floor and wall coverings, partition and storage walls, surface finishes and restoration,
insulated panels, tunnels and undergrounds.

Interior design:
Surfaces of kitchen and bathroom countertops, cupboards, tables, doors and furnishings table tops in general.

Composite and structural panels:
WAYON Sintered Slabs can be placed on top of each other or over other materials to create extremely light and particularly resistant composite and structural panels suitable in all those cases that require high resistance and light weighted load on the surfaces.
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