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What is the difference between terrazzo tiles and quartz stone?

Nov 24, 2020

In addition to the high proportion of quartz stone used in the decoration industry, the application proportion of terrazzo tiles is also quite high. The hardness of terrazzo tiles can reach 5-7 grades and the quartz st

The advantages and disadvantages of terrazzo tiles are introduced in detail

Nov 24, 2020

Terrazzo tiles (also known as grindstones) are products made by mixing aggregates such as crushed stone, glass, quartz stone, etc. into cement binders or ring epoxy binders to make concrete products and then surface

The correct way to dye marble stone

Dec 09, 2020

Do you know the dyeing method of marble stone? We all know that marble stone is a marble stone, and some of the colors are uneven, so at this time, we all have to color the marble stone. Do you know the dyeing method

How to deal with the color difference of quartz granite

Dec 19, 2020

To solve the chromatic aberration problem of quartz granite, we must know the production, environment and other conditions of quartz granite. Now let us understand how to solve the chromatic aberration problem of qua

Measures to prevent aging of marble stone

Jan 16, 2021

Marble stone has a very good use effect. Pay attention to protection during its use to prevent it from being damaged. The aging problem is a common marble stone problem. Let's talk about the measures to prevent the a

Wayon Stone | Quality Choice for Hotel Engineering

Apr 17, 2021

  酒店,这一词来源于法语,当时的意思是贵族在乡间招待贵宾的别墅。其基本定义是提供安全、舒适,令利用者得到短期的休息或睡眠的空间的商业机构。 优质的服务、完善的设施、怡人的环境都是评价一家酒店的标准,但一家成功的酒店所需要做到的远不止这些。 如果是你,你会如何做好一家成功的酒店? 酒店工程  |  建筑选材   现国内的酒

Wayon Stone丨The best choice for furniture countertops

Apr 06, 2021

​ 石材一直是家装建材中的经典元素,从古至今,人们从未停止过把充满大自然气息的石材融入在建筑上。 在现代家装案例中,餐桌台面,茶几台面,玄关桌台面等等,都能看到石材的应用。 天然石材台面美观庄重,格调高雅,极大地增加家装配搭的高级感 随着人们对生活品质,居住环境,个性风格等要求越来越高的情况下,人们对新型材料的关注逐渐升温。

Shanghai International Hotel Engineering Furniture and Commercial Space Design Exhibition

Mar 24, 2021

上海国际酒店工程家具及商业空间设计展 时间:2020.3.30-4.2 地点:上海新国际博览中心 展会号:W2-A36

Please accept this thank you from wayon

Jan 08, 2021

回想2020年 注定是不平凡的一年 面对突如其来的天灾人祸 面对各行各业最难熬的一年   威洋石材 成为“逆行者” 为祖国经济复苏作贡献 威洋石材丨产品篇   越是艰难的时候 越要努力研发新的技术 威洋石英石研发团队从大自然取材 将大自然的美印刻在石英石上 WG453 冰崖白