Welcome to visit our online booth

16 Jun 2020

Welcome to visit Wayon Stone Online Exhibition Hall Please long press and scan to identify the QR code More exciting is on the Canton Fair on Wayon Stone WAYON STONE provide online booth. Online booth

Wayonstone丨The Online Canton Fair 2020

10 Jun 2020

Click the following link to complete the registration. Search Yunfu Wayon Stone or 9.2 J36-37, K11-22 to visit our online booth ! https://buyer.cantonfair.org.cn/zh/register/selectiveId?invitationCode=bff90000-0019

Caring for women,we are together at home this year | kitchen island

08 Mar 2020

Excellent you, write youth into the kitchen, and use pots and pans to play the movement of life. The kitchen island is the "heart" of a family. To have a good mood at all times and make delic

Wayon top stone countertops丨 Common war against epidemic, we are with you

06 Mar 2020

Top stone countertops you can browse related products and initiate consultations on our website. Leap year once every four years, the double spring year in the lunar cal

Wayon Stone|To create a stable and compact super-inorganic terrazzo

20 Aug 2019

Wayon Stone|To create a stable and compact super-inorganic terrazzo Wayon Terrazzo The mining and processing of its own advantages, the selection of natural marble granules and quartz sand as raw materials, accom