Sustainable Manufacturing Practices From WAYON

15 Mar 2023

The quartz slab industry is a rapidly growing industry that supplies engineered stone materials to benchtop and countertop factories around the world. WAYON, one of the leading quartz slab manufacturers in China, has ado

How To Tell The Difference Between Real And Fake Quartz Stone?

15 Mar 2023

The following four conditions must be fully met for good quality genuine quartz stone.

Beyond Aesthetics: Why Quartz Is Worth The Investment

15 Mar 2023

Unlike natural stone materials like granite and marble, quartz stone slabs are produced in a wide selection of colors and patterns, with consistent quality from slab to slab, making quartz stone countertops available in

What Is The Best Stone For Countertops

15 Mar 2023

Natural marble? Natural texture but not hard enough, easy to scratch and not resistant to acid and alkali. And how about granite? High hardness but easy to bleed color, post-maintenance tedious, salt, oil and vinegar in

Is the kitchen decorated too ordinary? Have you chosen the right panel

28 Oct 2022

Kitchen | a space to satisfy taste buds and soul The kitchen stores the taste of the family. In this era when takeout is more convenient and fast, we can enjoy life only when we know how to eat bread, rice and salt.