WAYON STONE x LPS Helps Shanghai International High end Real Estate Festival

08 Dec 2023

    WAYON STONE x LPS x ITALIA   As an official partner of LPS, WAYON STONE has been researching, producing, and processing artificial quartz, terrazzo, and other sto

Wayon Terrazzo | Advanced design sense in different spaces

01 Dec 2023

#Terrazzo # Designer # Colored Terrazzo # Commercial Decoration Design       Wayon Stone | Interpreting the Multi faceted Charm of Terrazzo Wayon terrazzo has

Five high-quality quartz stone kitchen countertops from Wayon, come and get the same style!!!

03 Nov 2023

Exquisite kitchen, starting with a quartz stone countertop High appearance quartz stone kitchen countertop The kitchen infused a touch of high-end elegance A kitchen t

Wayon Stone is about to make its debut at the 134th Autumn Canton Fair, with significant adjustments in exhibition dates and booth pavilions!

07 Oct 2023

  134th  Canton Fair /// China Import and Export Commodity Fair Notice on Adjusting the Implementation Time of Phase II  

Antibacterial quartz stone | has an antibacterial rate greater than 99.9%, and the Wayon quartz stone kitchen counter panel is the first level to protect your health

22 Sep 2023

Antibacterial quartz stone Kitchen | Life Aesthetics | Antibacterial Ability   The Antibacterial Ability of Wayon Quartz Certified and tested by prof