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Beyond its surface composure, it conveys an innate strength and sense of stability

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WAYON inorganic cement stone is a new type of stone made from high-strength cement raw materials, inorganic adhesives, inorganic pigments, etc., which are subjected to high-frequency and high-pressure vibration. Rich in color, natural in texture, and simple in texture, the surface can naturally generate pores of different sizes, also known as inorganic artificial cave stones.

WAYON inorganic cement stone has stable performance, is not flammable, and does not deform. It has sound insulation and heat insulation effects and can be used on indoor and outdoor walls. The material is easy to process and can be finely processed into various irregular shapes, making the design perfectly executed.   

Application Fields
Cement stone is widely used in indoor and outdoor walls, irregular walls, and other fields, and can create various artistic effects. Cement stone often appears in outdoor parks, courtyards, municipal engineering, hotels, shopping malls, brand stores, restaurants, creative parks, and dormitory buildings.
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