Since 1982

Large professional stone group, R&D center, mining, branches


WAYON STONE, since 1982, is a global professional manufacturer of new materials, with 4 major production and processing bases, the annual output of over 3 million m2 of high quality quartz stone and terrazzo, specializes in processing of all kinds of countertops, table top, cut to sizes and engineering.




Meanwhile, WAYON STONE is the first batch to get Greenguard Gold and Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification (UL), NSF Certification (ANSI 51), CE Safety Certification (SGS), ISO9001 Quality Environment and Occupational Health Management System, China's Export Leading Index Sample Enterprises, Famous Brand Enterprises, High-Tech Enterprise Qualification, Alibaba Golden Supplier Certification (BV certification) in the industry. Quality won numerous recognition of authority, exports all over the world.


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Over the past thirty years, inspired by its business philosophy of “Integrity and Quality", WAYON STONE is proud of serving thousands of consumers with a variety of quality stones. WAYON STONE is not only recognized by market, but also has expanded its business landscape by history.

At present, WAYON STONE is established as a large stone group with its own quarries, R&D center and many branches across China, including Guangdong Wayon, Foshan Wayon Showroom, Shanghai Wayon, Jiangsu Wayon, Yunfu Wayon, Guangzhou Wayon, C-Stone Engineering supporting center and so on.

Guangdong Wayon

WAYON QUARTZ PRODUCTION BASE (HEYUAN) is located in the quartz raw material base of Guangdong in Heyuan City. The region boasts its rare resources of high quality quartz (silica resources) in the world, with proven Class I quartz mine of 400 to 450 million tons.

Covers over 60,000 ㎡ of production area, 40,000 ㎡ of building area, and 1,200 ㎡ of R&D center, WAYON QUARTZ PRODUCTION BASE (HEYUAN) is equipped with 16 automatic production lines (By computer automatic batching, mixing, distributing, pressing machines and splint-type curing furnace),4 automatic polishing lines by Italian and domestic, a set of Professional Countertop Fabricate System (By Italian processing center, several Taiwan infrared bridge cutting machines and automatic edge grinding machines), and a production line of Italy SIMEC automatic standard tiles.

Annual production capacity is over 1.5 million ㎡  of high quality quartz and terrazzo for slabs, countertops and tiles.

Yunfu Wayon

WAYON STONE PRODUCTION BASE (YUNFU) covers an area 20,000㎡, with 18,000㎡of production area and 1,200㎡of office building.

Equipped with 4 automatic slab-pressing production lines, 1 independently improved block-pressing production line and 2 sets of Italian polishing line, WAYON STONE PRODUCTION BASE (YUNFU) has experienced, skilled R&D team, the annual output of over 1.2 million square meters of high quality quartz and terrazzo. specializes in processing of quartz and terrazzo slab, countertops, table tops and cut to sizes.

Foshan Wayon

The luxurious WAYON showroom located in China Ceramics Industrial Headquarter in Foshan, covers an area of 1,400 square meters. The 29 Spaces fully show the comprehensive strength of WAYON STONE, including quartz stone, terrazzo, sintered slab, natural marble and granite.
FOSHAN WAYON SHOWROOM is fully absorbing ceramics marketing essence and revolutionizing the traditional sales model, enabling every visitor a new feeling from high-quality products.

Shanghai&Jiangsu Wayon

SHANGHAI WAYON STONE CO., LTD was established in 1998, the factory covers an area of 8,250 square meters, located in Jiading District, Shanghai. After more than 20 years of development, Shanghai Wayon has provided numerous high-quality stone products for the development of east China and won the recognition of numerous customers.
Due to the company's business expansion and industrial upgrading in this area, Shanghai Wayon production and processing factory has been transferred to Hai’an City, Jiangsu Province. Currently, the business center on the third floor is retained. The downtown office is located in Room E201, DeBi WE International Cultural and Creative Center, No. 228, Wending Road Building Materials Business Circle, Yishan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai.

Jiangsu Wayon stone factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters for Phase-I. The main equipment: German KUKA robot, 5 Italian PRUSSIANI processing centers, 2 Italian DONATONI five-axis photo bridge cutting machines. The top equipment ensures that the quality of customized stone products can match the high level in Italy.


Guangzhou Wayon

Established in 1990, the original Guangzhou Lixin Stone Craft Co., Ltd. Specializes in quartz stone, terrazzo stone, natural marble, sintered slab, granite and other stone materials.

In the past 30 years, GUANGZHOU WAYON has provided thousands of stone products for the great construction of the Reform and Opening-Up Policy in south China and even the whole country, such as Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center, Tianhe Mall, Star River Real Estate, Guangzhou Tianhe District Government, Haikou Swan Bay and so on. honored by Guangzhou Famous Trademark, Guangdong Ten Stone Enterprise Honor Qualification.




In 2022, Won the honor of Excellent Material Supplier in the Decoration Industry of Shenzhen.


Awarded the certificate of "China Design Material Selection Service Provider" and "S+D Product and Design Award", Wayon Stone has been recognized by customers and associations in terms of product innovation, product quality and supporting services. Meanwhile Wayon Stone on social welfare has been given full support to contribute to create a harmonious society.


Awarded by the General Administration of Customs as "China's leading export index sample enterprise", it has become one of the 3,000 qualified enterprises in China and an important basis for the central government to study and judge the economic situation and make national macro decisions. It is the General Administration of Customs’ full recognition of our company's achievements in foreign trade activities and standardized management, and also reflects its high attention and strong support to our company.


Awarded the certificate of "High-Tech Enterprise" and "Famous Brand of Guangdong Province", and recognized and supported our company's continuous development and technological achievements in "high-tech fields supported by the state". Unswervingly follow the development path of independent innovation and continuous innovation, maintain the enthusiasm of independent innovation, improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation, and constantly enhance the brand influence. Yunfu C-stone co., LTD was established as professional engineering supporting center.


Jiangsu Wayon Stone Co., Ltd. was established and the first phase of the project was completed;
Passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.


Wayon stone participates in Brazil International Stone Fair to develop the South American market, becomes one of the first to enter the market of South American stones


Foshan Wayon Stone Co., Ltd. is established, Wayon´s new state of the art showroom opens to the public;
The first phase of Guangdong Wayon industrial project is completed, the production lines are all producing normally;
Wayon receives Greenguard certification.


Located in Heyuan, Guangdong Wayon industrial Co., LTD. is set up, covers an area of 90 acres, the quartz plant project has it´s opening ceremony of construction


With 9 sets of BM diamond-cutting saws, 3 sets off grinding machines and 3 glue assembly lines, Shanghai Wayon Factory output ranks first in Shanghai.


Shanghai Weili Stone Co., Ltd. is established in Qingpu District, Shanghai, and specializes in engineering facilities, special-shaped stone processing, granite countertops, etc. Becomes one of the best stone project suppliers in east China


Shanghai Wayon Factory installes 4 sets of diamond-cutting saws to process slabs.


Wayon stone participates in the Italy Verona Marmomacc Stone Fair for the first time.


Wayon stone participates in the Canton fair first time.


Tianjin Wayon Factory successfully supplied all the project for the Algeria Airport, Algeria Officer Noncommissioned Officers Club, National Grand Theatre and other large stone projects in Algeria. 


With 4 sets of computer waterjets and 10 sets of computerized fret saws, Shanghai Wayon Factory became the largest special-shaped stone processing plant.


Tianjin Wayon Stone Co., Ltd. is established by acquiring Jiama Stone Co., Ltd., which is located in Tianjin Economic & Technological Development Zone and specializes in stone processing and engineering facilities, it starts undertaking domestic and overseas large stone project
Wayon participates for the first time in an international exhibition, the Nuremberg Stone Fair, to develop international business;


Yunfu Wayon Stone Co., Ltd. is established in Chucheng development zone, Yunfu City, and specializes in granolithic.


Shanghai Wayon Stone Co., Ltd. is established in Cao’an Rd, Jiading District, Shanghai, and specializes in column and line.


Guangzhou Lixin Stone Craftwork Co., Ltd. is established in Guangcong Rd, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, and specializes in trading of column, line and plank.


Guangzhou Lixin Stone Factory is established in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, and specializes in trading of imported stone.


Guangzhou Lixin Stone Factory, which is located in Chen Village, Shunde District, acquires  Hong Kong Jiakang Marble Co., Ltd., which specializes in trading imported stone.


Lixin Joint Stone Factory is established in Yunfu City (China’s stone city), and specializes in producing granolithic.