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Wayon Inorganic Stone contains up to 60% natural quartz - nano tech. It’s made of environment-friendly inorganic adhesives, inorganic pigments and does not contain organic components such as resin. It is formed by high frequency and high pressure vibration. Without resin and other organic components, the raw materials are non-combustible and non-flammable materials, the product reaches the international a-class fireproof standard, and is not easy to deform under high temperature, does not produce harmful smoke, it’s safe and environmentally friendly.

Application Fields
Wayon Inorganic Terrazzo can be used for shopping malls, brand shop, restaurants and municipal constructions, as well as indoor and outdoor wall & floor, kitchen, bathroom and so on.

Product Performance
Test Item Unit Required Standard Test Result
Mohs Hardness - ≥3 4~6
Density g/cm3 2.35 2.37~2.49
Water Absorption % ≤3 0.19~0.53
Compressive Strength Mpa ≥50 101~109
Flexural Strength(Dry) Mpa ≥9 12.2~13.5
Radioactivity - - IRa<0.1
Product Description
Slabs Sizes 3050x1200mm / 120"x47"
3000x1350mm / 118"x53"
2800x1350mm / 110"x53"
2500x1350mm / 98"x53"
2400x1350mm / 94"x53"
Cut To Size 300x300mm  300x600mm  400x400mm  600x600mm  800*800mm
Countertop 110"x26"      110"x36"      110"x42"      110"x52"      110"x4"    110"x6"
Finish Polished, Customized : Honed, Brush-hammered, Flamed, Water-jet
Thickness 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
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