Wayon Natural Stone | Advanced processing technology to create high-quality natural stone projects

08 Jun 2024

  Natural marble with its unique texture and color Adding elegance and nobility to the space Every piece of marble is a masterpiece of nature Clear hierarchy Unique  

Wayon MCS Stone | Have you ever seen a stone that is as soft and versatile as paper

16 Apr 2024

      WAYON STONE     As a professional global manufacturer of new materials, Wayon has four major production and processing bases, with an annual output

Wayon Gemstone | A Beautiful Choice for Light Luxury Space Design and Decoration

30 Mar 2024

  01.  WAYON GEM STONE Forty Years of Craftsmanship Inheritance   The mysterious beauty of gemstones, high gloss, and crysta

Wayon Stone | 3.16 Gathering in Xiamen to chat with you about the future

13 Mar 2024

March 16-19, 2024 2024 Xiamen International Stone Exhibition Title: "Face to Face Chat" From 40 countries and regions 2000+exhibiting brands are about to make a strong debut Its grand