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Wayon Stone x Halloween丨Deep and charming elegance
Oct 31,2021

Wayon Stone x Halloween丨Deep and charming elegance


-Happy Halloween-

Halloween is also called All Saints' Day

On November 1st of each year, it is a traditional Western festival

Halloween, what kind of ghost do you use to match your kitchen?

Deep black or psychedelic gray?
Maybe after you understand the story of each stone

You can find the puzzle of your ideal kitchen


Quartz Stone Story

-Happy Halloween-

During Halloween, people are very particular about the colors of decorations. Orange and black are naturally the most representative, meaning blessings and tranquility. We deliberately selected three new quartz stones with the most Halloween atmosphere to introduce the story behind them, let us uncover their mystery together.

WG477 Starry Black

Boundless Star Weaving

Through the exploration and vision of the boundless universe, we have re-engraved the dazzling galaxy on the stone. The eternal black blends with the sky full of galaxies to create the unique texture of  WG477 Starry Black. The eternal galaxy is accompanied by the vast universe, and its brilliance will last forever, and people can't help but yearn for it

WG484 Dawning Black

East will be white

Black is the representative of the mysterious symbol in Halloween. WG484 Dawning Black adds white lines on the basis of pure black as embellishment. Like a sharp sword, it opened the silent night and ushered in the rising sun.


WG487 Frost Grey 

Misty forest

This quartz stone is mixed with three colors of black, white and gray. The random texture design creates its unspeakable charm. The overall look is like a winter midnight forest covered with a hazy fog, and it is fascinating to stay away from people.



-Happy Halloween-

Terrazzo has a long history as architectural decoration

They are rich and varied in color

Always the cute ghost in the designer's heart

The mix and match of multiple colors can make the building full of life and vitality

Give the space a different emotional color.

WT278 Iwayama jade


WT277 Pines green

WT276 Shiraishi Pink


We have been committed to making each slab more than just cold stone

It’s a cultural decoration

Integration of Chinese and Western cultures

Bring different cultural enjoyment to our customers

I wish you all happiness, peace and happiness on Halloween!

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