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Case丨Wayon Terrazzo presents: the collision of trend and history and culture
Nov 27,2021

Case丨Wayon Terrazzo presents: the collision of trend and history and culture


Datang Everbright City·Tide Space MYPLACE

Chao Space·MY PLACE is located in Xi’an Datang Evernight City Pedestrian Street, as a commercial complex integrating multiple spiritual and cultural spaces.

The three cores of art, humanities and commerce are displayed together with the style of the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

Retro wave of terrazzo

The architectural design style of this project is intended to highlight the diversified integration of culture, art and modern trends, so a large area of the mall's internal space is paving with a variety of Weiyang prefabricated terrazzo.

The unique retro elements of terrazzo show the connotation of "fusion, breakthrough, and innovation" contained in the tidal space.

Walking into the entrance of the mall, you will see the floor and walls laid by WT278 Yanshan Baoyu.

Its pure and natural stone texture gives the modern IP with retro elements, with different unique trend styles.


The new trend of green trend

The design theme of the B2 floor of the shopping mall is the green oxygen bar. In order to echo the theme, the ground adopts WT277 green pine and green as the ground paving embellishment.

In order to create a natural and fresh, interactive place with vitality.

An exhibition space is also designed inside the oxygen bar, and WT276 white stone pink is used for large-area wall paving.

Fresh green and passionate red form a strong contrast, constructing a visually distinct and fashionable space.

WT277| Pines green

Wayon prefabricated terrazzo is pressed from environmentally friendly materials, and because it does not contain organic ingredients such as resin,

Compared with traditional terrazzo poured on site, it is more green and environmentally friendly, and it truly realizes the combination of "green building" and trend.

WT276 Shiraishi Pink


A new fusion of activating history

With the combination of culture and commerce, the "Wu Jicheng" area contains the unique historical foundation of Xi'an.

For the ground, the most historic WT274 white stone beige is used as the wall and floor decoration.

Take the brick color of the city wall as the source of creativity to empower the new trend of commercial space.

WT274| Shiraishi Beige


product description

Art and architecture have experienced the precipitation of time, giving a new definition of gray. WT278 The combination of selected natural stone aggregates from Yanshan Baoyu and high-grade texture gray,

The pure and simple architectural language has a pure charm, no matter which aspect of architecture is applied, it can constitute a gray classic aesthetics.


WT277 Green Pine Green uses fresh light green as the main color, which is ingeniously integrated with white marble particles.

Let the overall look and feel more natural, just like the green pine in the early spring, continuously giving the architectural space new vitality.


The purity of white and the gentleness of pink, the romantic style is the atmosphere radiated by WT276 Shiraishi pink.

It can be used in commercial space or home space to bring a warm and cordial appeal to the building.

The cultural texture of the historical East is synonymous with WT274 White Stone Beige, and the combination of white and beige better enhances its retro charm.

Matching with any color will never go out of style, truly interpreting the humanistic and artistic sense that modern terrazzo should have.

Wayon prefabricated terrazzo has low water absorption

Features of high flexural and compressive strength and high wear resistance

Lay a solid foundation for the long-term use of the building

It is the new favorite of building materials in many modern high-end commercial centers

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