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40th Anniversary 丨 Wayon Stone Promotional Film
Mar 28,2022

40th Anniversary 丨 Wayon Stone Promotional Film "Journey of Stone"

never a useless stone

on such a huge blue planet

Experience more than 4 billion years of vicissitudes

Absorb the essence of all things

But it has become a relic scattered everywhere


in 1982

met Wayon

Two fiery hearts collide

It bases its superior performance on its inherent characteristics

Wayon creates its crown jade with inspiration from billions of years

In the end, it became a well-known product

Wayon Stone is blessed with high-quality quartz mining resources

Forty years of sharpening a sword

Main production

Quartz, Terrazzo

More years of experience in large-scale stone engineering services at home and abroad

Recognized by our customers

  "Integrity and Quality"

Wayon has been abiding by

Contributing to customers and society all the time

Tribute to the past glory

Write a better bright future

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