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News | Halloween | Welcome to the dark world of quartzite
Oct 31,2017

News | Halloween | Welcome to the dark world of quartzite

Halloween is actually a traditional Western holiday on November 1st each year, and October 31st, the well-known Halloween Eve, is the most lively time of this festival. In Chinese, Halloween is often translated as All Saints' Day (All Saints' Day).
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To celebrate the advent of Halloween, children will dress up as cute ghosts and knock on the door from house to house, asking for candy, otherwise they will trick or treat. At the same time, it is said that this night, various ghosts and monsters will also dress up as children and mix into the crowd to celebrate the coming of Halloween. Humans dress up as various ghosts in order to make the ghosts more harmonious, so there are all kinds of people and devil-like parties.

Please pay attention when preparing for the night




Shangri-La Grey



Darkness index: ★★★




Darkness index: ★★

WG034Dark Grey

Darkness index: ★★★


WG217S Star Black



Darkness index: ★★★★


Pure Black


Darkness index: ★★★★



Misty Grey

Darkness index: ★★★★


WG419 Nero Margiua


Darkness index: ★★★★


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The picture is shot due to the color difference of the scene, the actual color shall prevail.

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