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News | Wayon Stone X Xiamen Stone Fair | Many new products are coming soon
May 12,2021

News | Wayon Stone X Xiamen Stone Fair | Many new products are coming soon


2021 Xiamen International Stone Fair


The 21st China Xiamen International Stone Fair

Will be on May 18, 2021

Officially kicked off at Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center




Exhibition address: China·Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center
Duration: 2021.5.18-5.21

Wayon Stone Booth: C2040



                                  Introduction of new quartz stone products                                     

Wayon Stone is in this new product design

Highly integrate the spirit of craftsmanship with natural aesthetics

Re-discuss the interconnection between nature and stone

Feel a deep dialogue between human and natural aesthetics

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Nature series




Nature series



Nature series



Nature series


Nature series



Nature series



                              Wayon Inorganic Terrazzo                               


Inorganic, unique craftsmanship makes a different terrazzo

Rich in patterns and excellent performance at the same time

Perfect interpretation of the unique texture of terrazzo





                         Imported rock slab                      


Talus rock slab is made of inorganic clay and silica soil

It is made by grinding with feldspar powder and firing at high pressure and high temperature 1200 degrees

Superior physical properties and surface texture almost like natural stone

It has become a new type of decoration material that more people choose






                                   Wayon Cement Stone                                   


Wayon Cement Stone redefines the minimalist philosophy of material

Simplified design process

Let people feel calm in modernist architecture


                                                      Wayon Cement Stone Project Case                                                    



Wayon Stone, as a global supplier of new materials
Will bring more unique quality stones at this exhibition
Everyone is welcome to come and watch together


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