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Summer Solstice | Enjoy Cozy Space
Jun 21,2022

Summer Solstice | Enjoy Cozy Space

Summer Solstice / Warm Midsummer, Gathering Together


The summer solstice, the starting point of midsummer among the four seasons, is the longest solar term during the day.

All the good things about summer are also followed by heat waves: graduation season, college entrance examination, summer vacation... The longing summer life begins.

Of course, a comfortable and cool indoor space is indispensable to escape the summer, so today I bring you four quartz stones with their own "ice properties", which will be cool all summer~


WG469|Ice White

feel in space

cool corner

Binghui, interpreted as the brilliance of coldness. We present this artistic conception on the surface of quartz stone in black and white, and create a different kind of beauty in the way of stone.

The pure and natural color of WG469 Ice White is suitable for Nordic-style interior product design, such as kitchen island, furniture countertop, etc., fully showing the minimalist and modern sense of Nordic style.


WG459|Ice Crack Black


ice cracking spectacle

into furniture

The texture of WG459 is inspired by natural scenery, and the ice cracking phenomenon of Lake Baikal is highly restored to the surface.

The color matching and texture are natural and flexible, with a cold and untouchable visual experience. Suitable for personalizing kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, it has become a popular style for all kinds of artistic furniture.


WG486|Icy Soul White




dedicated to summer

gentle and cool

The design that often makes people feel refreshing does not need too much decoration, just simple lines can outline the soft beauty of white in summer.

The blank area demarcated by the WG486 ice white pattern is very in line with the European style of home decoration, and it seems that you can feel the faint coolness of it when you touch it.


WG479|Snowflake Grey



dedicated to summer
cool grey

Soothe midsummer irritability

The surface is ingeniously designed with black snowflakes as a texture, and when matched with neutral gray, the texture is cool and elegant.

WG479 snowflake gray is more suitable for all simple architectural designs, with dark tones to set off the deep characteristics, the space appears more quiet, and the sultry heat brought by summer is swept away



Wayon Stone

The arrival of the summer solstice carries our beautiful expectations in the midsummer

The summer is long, wish the space created by quartz stone

A place where you can enjoy a comfortable rest

I wish all the good things to come

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