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Antibacterial quartz stone | has an antibacterial rate greater than 99.9%, and the Wayon quartz stone kitchen counter panel is the first level to protect your health
Sep 22,2023

Antibacterial quartz stone | has an antibacterial rate greater than 99.9%, and the Wayon quartz stone kitchen counter panel is the first level to protect your health

Antibacterial quartz stone

Kitchen | Life Aesthetics | Antibacterial Ability

The Antibacterial Ability of Wayon Quartz

Certified and tested by professional institutions

Clear display of test report data

Tested Wayon Quartz

The antibacterial rate can be greater than 99.9%

This fully confirms the Wayon quartz stone

Built in antibacterial technology

Effectiveness of functions

Among them, Escherichia coli

Represented by Staphylococcus aureus

These two types of bacteria

Often present in the kitchen environment

If you don't pay attention

Neglecting their existence

They can pose a threat to human health

Such as gastroenteritis, food poisoning, etc

Professional analysis and testing report display

Tested Wayon Quartz

Antibacterial rate against these two bacteria

Can be greater than 99.9%



NSF US Food Safety Certification (ANSI 51)

NSF (ANSI 51) food grade certification

Indicating that Wayon quartz is

Table material that can directly come into contact with food

And represents market access in Europe and America

Strict inspection plan

(such as EU HACCP compliance certification)

More prominent quartzite

Hygienic quality, more antibacterial

Kitchen aesthetics+antibacterial ability


Where there is a home, there is a kitchen

Safe and reassuring is the kitchen

The kitchen is a harbor for the soul

Occupying an important position in people's hearts

Wayon Quartz

Kitchen counter panel with unique antibacterial technology

Antibacterial rate greater than 99.9%

While ensuring antibacterial health

Pay attention to the aesthetic appearance of the product

Creating a kitchen space

Beautiful, safe, and practical environment



Multiple new antibacterial quartz stone products, creating a powerful reproduction

Built in unique antibacterial technology

Effectively inhibit bacterial reproduction

Luxury and fashionable appearance design

Presenting trendy aesthetics

Equal emphasis on quality and function

Combining peace of mind and beauty

Provide unlimited possibilities for users

Kitchen Space Solutions


Exquisite Space



1、WG517 Borage Black 


Borage Black,A New Interpretation of the Beauty of Quartz

Noble and elegant elegant texture

A natural texture with its own texture

Fine texture, black luster

The minimalist and atmospheric glass black series

Deep and mysterious, noble and elegant


Excellent antibacterial technology

Can inhibit common bacteria in the kitchen

Add points to health




Borage Black Stone Quartz

Minimalist tone and natural comfort charm

Combine perfectly

Bringing a simple and atmospheric feeling to people

Pragmatic yet elegant style

Show unique temperament in a low-key manner

Satisfying the needs of young people

Unique visual requirements for kitchen countertops

It can also give the kitchen a low-key connotation

A noble and elegant atmosphere

Simultaneously effective

Prevent the aggregation of various bacteria

Make the cooking process more reassuring



2、WG529  Icy Emerald 



A chilled and white kitchen countertop

Paired with rich texture textures

Highlight refreshing and dignified appearance

Warm and delicate pairing style

Showcasing pure healing in the kitchen space

A pure and beautiful light luxury temperament

Pay attention to antibacterial safety attributes

The antibacterial rate can reach over 99.9%

Effectively suppress various common kitchen fungi

Make the cooking process more reassuring

Add health bonus points



Decoration style

More modern aesthetic sentiment

In the spatial tone dominated by black and gray

Add a transparent white kitchen panel design

Do not let the space lose its due vitality


Icy Emerald

Creating an Ideal Kitchen

Presenting a feeling of ice and moisture

Taste Cooking with Care

Frozen and white, as pure as first snow

Clean and bright, embellishing a beautiful kitchen



The Unique Features of Ice White

Because it can transmit light

When the light is shining

Soft and natural light penetration

Ice Whitening Utilizes Its Light Transmitting Function

Improve the brightness and utilization of space

Injecting Life and Kitchen Space

The vitality of light and shadow and the possibility of agility




The kitchen space is transparent through ice

Rich spatial texture

Artificial quartz stone with advanced texture

Under the illumination and mirror contrast

Presenting an atmosphere of light and shadow



3、WG530 Stellar Stream Gold 


Starry gold is like quicksand

Flowing on a pure and white tabletop

Quartz stone countertop material with full texture

The design concept of light luxury and minimalism

Add the appropriate placement and matching

Having a sense of being in an environment where gold flows

Meanwhile, common bacteria in kitchen spaces

Star Flow Gold can easily inhibit bacteria

Protecting Your Cooking with Care

Encounter a Healthy Kitchen by chance


Stellar Stream Gold 

Like the starry night sky

Tiny gold filings

Concentrated and contained in artificial quartz stone

Star Flow Gold Stone Quartz Kitchen countertop

Light up your and my cooking intentions




-Wayon antibacterial quartz stone-

In this era of advocating individuality

Need to bid farewell to the stereotype

Creating a kitchen space

Personalized, beautiful, safe, and practical environment

It's an ultimate enjoyment

It is also a persistent pursuit


WG453 Cliff White


WG435 Kari Jade




WG401 Calacatta


WG455-Rose Gigantea



Wayon Quartz

Breaking tradition and standards

Avoidance Theory and Regulations

Creating new possibilities

Pursuing product antibacterial properties

Reflected everywhere

The individuality and antibacterial safety of kitchen space


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