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Blending Method Of Dark Grey Terrazzo Stone
Sep 10,2021

Blending Method Of Dark Grey Terrazzo Stone

Blending Method Of Dark Grey Terrazzo Stone

Because of the adjustability of terrazzo, it is possible to mix dark gray terrazzo, and you can mix it randomly to produce the effect you want, unlike other stones such as marble and granite, which are too simple in style. First of all, we need to use 425 high-grade white cement, and then use iron oxide black as a toner to mix. The amount of toner should be added or reduced according to the required color depth of the terrazzo. At the beginning, add some less toner and dye. , If the color is not dark enough, you can gradually add it until it is adjusted to the effect you want. Every time you add cement or toner, you must record it, otherwise you don’t know what the ratio is after the final result is formulated.
        1. Cement: There must be a factory certificate and a retest report, and it must be the same manufacturer, the same batch of cement, and different manufacturers or different batches of cement cannot be mixed.
        2. Toner: It must be the same as cement, but also the same manufacturer and batch number of toner.

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