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Case丨B&B x hotel, how can terrazzo create a different space
Apr 14,2022

Case丨B&B x hotel, how can terrazzo create a different space


The artistic sense brought by the unique natural marble aggregate of terrazzo has become a popular choice for building materials.

The combination of different elements gives the building more meaning, and the space display is used to express the inner thoughts of the designer.

Next, we will share two of our engineering projects, and let everyone feel the diversified charm of terrazzo in space.

On-the-Way Designer House

Xi'an Forest of Steles

"A courtyard hidden in the ancient city wall"


Project Introduction

"Walking Designer B&B" is located near Xi'an Forest of Steles Museum. The overall design of the B&B is a modern light luxury style.

Combined with the unique local historical and ancient charm, how will this project perfectly integrate these two elements through Weiyang terrazzo?



Wayon Terrazzo

WT255 Rock Mountain Point Snow

From the first floor of the homestay to the ground of some guest rooms, Weiyang inorganic terrazzo WT255 rocks and mountains are used for paving.

This terrazzo is composed of two colors of gray and white. The retro texture formed by the classic gray and white terrazzo style can easily create a historical style like an antique building.

Real shot of floor covering in guest room


The strong contrast between the modern furniture in the guest room and the terrazzo interprets the wonderful chemical reaction after the combination of two different elements.



product description




Project | Changzhou Xiyue Hotel

CHIEFUL Hotel Chang Zhou

Changzhou · Tianning

"Luxury hotel space with art deco fusion"

Project Introduction

Xiyue Hotel is located in the center of Tianning District, Changzhou. A lot of effort was put into the initial design of the project.

The modern and fashionable decorative arts are created through terrazzo to create a dreamy space scene, injecting new vitality into the traditional hotel image.


The first thing that catches the eye at the entrance of the hotel lobby is a childlike space built with Weiyang terrazzo.

Cut the terrazzo into different sizes, and then lay it on the stairs as a decoration.

It not only shapes the overall space particle style, but also takes into account practicality and integration.

Restaurant floor paving real shot

The restaurant is an indispensable part of the hotel, and the space remains unified in terms of visual coordination.

All are paved with gray terrazzo, and the luxurious feeling brought by natural marble particles is exactly the high-end atmosphere the hotel wants to create.

product description


▲ Click on the video to watch the real shot of WT273 joy gray slab



▲ Click on the video to watch the real shot of WT134 Yunshan plain white slab


Wayon Inorganic Terrazzo is a resin-free prefabricated sheet, which has the advantages of high compressive strength, wear resistance, low water absorption, etc.

Therefore, it is very suitable for building walls and floors, and there is no need to worry about cracking and warping after long-term use.


Wayon Stone

Use terrazzo to visualize the conceptual space in the conception, and create a conceptual space that takes into account both practicality and aesthetics.

Grafting artistic elements into the urban lifestyle has become another way of communicating with others in this era.



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