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Don't know how to choose quartz stone countertop? Don't worry, but be quick!
Oct 14,2022

Don't know how to choose quartz stone countertop? Don't worry, but be quick!

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About Quartz Stone

Origin of quartz
In 1984, quartz stone was developed by the "Stone Kingdom - Italy" Bridgetown Company. Later, this new type of artificial stone swept across Europe and the United States in the name of "the most suitable material for kitchen countertops". With the rapid development of China's economic strength, from the introduction of the millennium to the present, quartz stone as a kitchen counter has become one of the most astute choices for each family to decorate.

The most suitable material for kitchen countertops

Quartz stone is made by mixing quartz sand with environment-friendly resin and other materials through vacuum pressure pressing plate and other processes. It is a new environment-friendly material. Quartz stone not only has higher physical and chemical properties than natural stone, but also has patterns comparable to natural stone. As a green and environment-friendly material, it is more suitable for kitchens that often contact food. It is a building material that integrates "high performance", "high beauty" and "high security".
As kitchen counter
Advantages of quartz stone
The kitchen is one of the areas with the heaviest moisture and oil pollution in a family. In addition, it is easy to breed bacteria when it is often exposed to food. The water absorption rate of high-quality quartz stone plate is as low as 0.01%, and the sewage residue is difficult to penetrate. It not only has good anti pollution performance, but also is not easy to mildew and breed bacteria. It is easy to clean. Daily cleaning only requires washing with clean water.

Quartz stone has high hardness, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high resistance to bending and compression, and is not afraid of knife scraping, iron blunt hitting, and chemical corrosion of oil, salt, soy and vinegar when daily needs. It has extremely strong physical properties and chemical stability.
With the development of society, more and more people are pursuing the ultimate and comfortable life, and their requirements for the place where they live are gradually becoming higher. As one of the high-quality kitchen countertop materials, quartz stone has gradually become the preferred material for the kitchen countertop.
How to quickly select the right quartz brand?
01 Options
The market is full of all kinds of quartz stone products. How to choose a high-quality quartz stone plate?
First, we should select high-quality quartz stone plate. First, we should observe and feel its surface texture. The higher the quartz content of quartz stone, the closer the texture is to natural stone, and the better the quality of quartz stone table.

Second: You can use the key, iron and other hard objects to scrape the back of the quartz stone sample. The high-quality quartz stone will only leave black marks, which is the mark of iron abrasion, while the poor quality quartz stone will appear white marks, which is the mark of quartz stone abrasion. Because the Mohs hardness of quartz stone plate with high quartz content is also high, it will not leave traces when hard objects such as knives are scratched in daily kitchen use.

Third: High quality quartz stone can make bacteria seamless and not easily penetrate into stains. Drip soy sauce, tea, coffee and other liquids that are easy to leave traces in daily life on the surface of the test plate for 1-2 days. The high-quality quartz stone can be cleaned with a rag, otherwise it is easy to smear and bleed.

Fourth: High quality quartz stone has good chemical properties and strong corrosion resistance. The daily toilet cleaning agent is dropped on the back of the plate, and the high-quality quartz stone does not react. The false quartz stone will react with acid and alkali and bubble because of the addition of calcium powder, aluminum powder and other low-cost materials.
Fifth: Select a strong brand. The size of the brand manufacturer will directly affect the product quality. Therefore, it is crucial to select a good manufacturer.
02 Wayon Stone

Wayon Stone, started in 1982, as a global manufacturer of professional new materials, has four major production and processing bases, with an annual output of more than 3 million square meters of high-quality quartz stone, terrazzo and other new man-made stone plates, and specializes in processing all kinds of table panels, furniture panels, specification boards, engineering boards and other wall and floor materials.
03 Product display

The simple lines outline the classic fashion sense, and embody the texture and rhythm of the grain changes vividly, adding a little new meaning to life.

The sense of space conveyed by the picture "Deep Stream" is calm and cold
It fully demonstrates the simplicity and beauty of the product.


With soft and elegant colors, it brings new texture, and it is a full range of exquisite experience in terms of luster, temperature, etc. In the flow of light and shadow, it quietly releases the luxury charm.

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