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Exclusive case | Changsha W Hotel & Wayon Cement Stone
Sep 19,2021

Exclusive case | Changsha W Hotel & Wayon Cement Stone

Light imparts drama to beauty, and wind and rain add color to life through their effects on the human body.

Architecture is a medium that enables people to feel the existence of nature"-Tadao Ando

1. Trend: Cement Concrete

Cement concrete-natural and pure, one of the most expressive building materials in modern architecture.
A strong spiritual core is hidden under the plain appearance,
which has become an important element in the construction of modernist architecture.

Architecture and nature are in harmony with each other to achieve a balance,
and the artistic conception conveyed by the essence of architecture is calmly exposed,
and the interweaving of light and shadow allows people to experience its unique way of showing aesthetics.

2. Optimization: the birth of Wayon Cement Stone

Wayon Cement Stone is improved and optimized on the basis of traditional cement concrete.
It is made of cementing materials, selected quartz sand aggregates and inorganic pigments,
and is pressed by special synthesis technology with high frequency and high pressure vibration.

Compared with traditional cast-in-place cement concrete, Wayon Cement Stone is more convenient to construct.
The special prefabrication technology not only has superior physical properties,
but also can be easily processed and designed into various shapes.

2020 Guangzhou Design Week Booth Wayon Cement Stone Modeling Wall

3. Fusion: the collision of cement stone and fashion

The wall of Changsha W Hotel adopts a triangular rhombus design, with one layer on top of the other,
with the simple and pristine materials such as Wayon cement stone and Wayon's exquisite processing technology.

It is matched with the ambient lighting to create a visual effect of overlapping light and shadow,
so that every guest can fully feel the sense of sci-fi future presented by Changsha W Hotel.






Wayon Cement Stone

Large shaped wall decoration




The on-site construction process of Wayon cement stone is simple and convenient.
The shape and structure of the product have been made in the factory,
and it only needs to be transported to the construction site for assembly and paving.


4. Field: The infinite possibilities of Wayon Cement Stone

Wayon Cement Stone is not only suitable for internal and external walls and ground spaces of various buildings,
including hotels, airports, restaurants, brand stores, large squares and various municipal engineering constructions, etc.,
it shows the unique ornamental and practicality of cement stone.


Wayon Stone

Wayon cement stone as a new type of building material

Retains the unique cold and simple texture of concrete

Give the building natural vitality at the same time

It will also bring a different visual dimension to the architecture


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