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Feel the Italian cuisine in the middle of the night | News
Sep 30,2017

Feel the Italian cuisine in the middle of the night | News

It is the night of September 30th, Beijing time. Domestic friends are immersed in the good mood of celebrating the National Day. The Wayon exhibiting team in Italy also ushered in the last day of the Verona Stone Fair in Italy.
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Happy National Day!

——Blessings from the exhibiting team of Wayon Stone

Next, we will bring delicious food from Italy, Meishi and Meishi! Let everyone enter the holiday mode in advance.

Italian cuisine




Italian ham is very famous, usually eaten with bread, cheese, honeydew melon, etc. It can also be used directly. There are countless varieties of ham, which is completely different from the domestic Jinhua ham.

Amarone is a specialty of Italy. It is only produced in Italy and only in the Valpolicella district in the northeast. Amarone is not a brand, but a category. Its alcohol content is relatively high, generally between 15% and 16%. The taste of licorice, tobacco, chocolate and figs in the wine makes this wine a good match with rich flavored foods.

Italy's beautiful stone

Carrara Mine



Pieces of Carrara white blocks are cut out from the mine in this way. They are neat and tidy, with ridges on top of each other, which is a bit shocking.

Verona Stone Fair


Of course, there are not only these natural beautiful stones at the exhibition, moreover, the current artificial stone technology is fake and perfect.

Welcome to join our team~~~ In the future, we will have the opportunity to appreciate Italian stone technology and realize Italian stone aesthetics (especially looking forward to the participation of the quartz stone research and development Daniel [expected face]).


A grand event in the stone industry


Verona Stone Fair, Italy



MARMOMACC is the largest and most authoritative exhibition in the world's stone industry in Verona, Italy. The exhibition was founded in 1965 and has been successfully held for 51 sessions. As the leading exhibition in the global stone industry, the Verona International Stone Fair in Italy has become the best time to meet with manufacturers and buyers of raw materials, processing equipment for the stone industry.




Booth overview


Wayon Stone's participation in the Italian Fair began in 2008. In addition to maintaining and exploring the European market, it is more important to keep up with the trend of world stone, introduce advanced stone intelligent manufacturing and processing technology, and let Wayon Stone be in new products and technical equipment. Walk in the forefront of the world.

Wayon booth is very popular


Looking forward to meeting again next year!

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