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Five high-quality quartz stone kitchen countertops from Wayon, come and get the same style!!!
Nov 03,2023

Five high-quality quartz stone kitchen countertops from Wayon, come and get the same style!!!

Exquisite kitchen, starting with a quartz stone countertop

High appearance quartz stone kitchen countertop

The kitchen infused a touch of high-end elegance

A kitchen that combines beauty and practicality

It will give people visual enjoyment and peace of mind

Leading the kitchen space to a higher level

Wayon quartz stone kitchen countertop

Beautiful and durable, yet healthy and environmentally friendly

Add a unique charm to the kitchen space

The combination of aesthetics and quality

Wayon Stone Presents to You

WG538 Borage Platinum


Low key and luxurious glass platinum

For your kitchen space

Adding a dignified and elegant temperament

The golden texture reflects the flow of light and shadow

Always exude charm

Full of natural and elegant artistic conception

Give people an image of low luxury without falling out of style

WG538 Borage Platinum

Taste the Aesthetic Feast of Luxury and Elegant Flowing Light



WG539  Eedor Cream Grey


Soaking in a gentle gray atmosphere

White fine lines spreading

This gentle gray

Seems to provide space

Silk like tactile enjoyment

Smooth texture and soothing lines

A gentle and solemn atmosphere

Give people a transcendent and comfortable feeling

WG539  Eedor Cream Grey

Bringing you a comfortable visual experience




WG536 Dream River




he meandering light smoke in ink painting

The Tone of Night Dream Cloud Creek

Like a landscape painting, the tranquil mountains

Make people's mood clear

This elegant and pure beauty

Will provide your kitchen space

Exposed to

Deep in the Clouds, Dream Stream

WG536 Dream River

It's about choosing a quality life that's peaceful and peaceful over time




WG527 Chaos Grey


Dream River

Surrounded by mountains and misty with smoke

Design aesthetics inherent in the turbid texture

A chaotic and distinctive texture

The faint beauty of flow can be seen in chaos

To see vitality in tranquility

In stillness, full of vitality

WG527 Chaos Grey

Chaos is actually a tranquil visual rhythm

Integrating advanced and comfortable elements into the entire space


WG524 Flowing Flame


White as snow, flowing with golden veins

Flowing gold sand appears in a white painting scroll

The flowing golden patterns are well arranged

Injecting minimalist luxury into the kitchen space

In the golden texture

Revealing the vitality of life

Carrying cleanliness and vitality

Artworks meticulously crafted by nature

WG524 Flowing Flame

Perfect fusion of white and gold

It's the perfect choice for your kitchen space

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