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News | Wayon stone丨Guangzhou Design Week Ticket Limited Free Delivery!
Nov 24,2020

News | Wayon stone丨Guangzhou Design Week Ticket Limited Free Delivery!

2020 Guangzhou Design Week will be held on December 3-6

In Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo

Held by Guangzhou International Purchasing Center

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every year

Guangzhou Design Week is a "Spring Festival Gala" for designers

Gather the freshest from all walks of life

New Products丨Boutique丨Orphans

Gather the best from all walks of life

Novelty Materials丨Black Technology Materials


Wayon Stone

Guangzhou Design Week

Wayon Stone has always been committed to exploring the infinite possibilities of slabs

This design week will present

Loved by designers

Inorganic terrazzo

Developed after a year of precipitation

Quartz stone new

Annual fire

Imported rock slab

At the forefront of building materials

New material UHPC






Design tickets for Thursday and Sunday are free!

How to get free tickets:

Repost this article to Moments, collect 28.8 likes and follow Weiyang Stone's official account, add Weiyang Stone's official customer service number, provide a screenshot of the like, and get a free pass for Guangzhou Design Thursday at the original price of 300 yuan. Tickets are limited. Last but not least!




there are more


There are also live events during the exhibition

Participate in the event to get a beautiful gift



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