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How to choose quartz countertops?
Oct 25,2021

How to choose quartz countertops?

Quartz countertops

Having a perfect kitchen can improve my quality of life. I value kitchen countertops because of the high frequency of use. My kitchen countertop chooses quartz stone because I like to stir-fry and there is a lot of oily smoke. After 8 years of use, there is no bleeding or fracture. Let's take a look at how I picked the quartz stone countertops. Don't hurry up to learn!

1. Quartz stone countertop: coarse particle board + fine particle board + powder board

Quartz stone coarse-grained board has few processing steps and mature technology, but the pattern and style are relatively simple, which looks ordinary and the price is the cheapest.
Quartz stone fine particle board, the quartz stone sand is polished to be finer, and the small particles are distributed on it. The overall look is more delicate, and the contrast with the coarse particles is still obvious.
Powder board, it is the noble in the quartz stone, such as pure color board, pattern board and other styles. Compared with the grained quartz stone, the biggest difference is that it is expensive. Each piece is decorative, and it can be used as a countertop or a background wall.
The surface texture can be divided into bright surface, matte surface, leather texture surface, which also uses terrazzo, embossed patterns and other manufacturing techniques, so the price is expensive. Because its particles are too fine, the abrasion resistance is worse than that of the coarse particle board.

2. Is it better to have large quartz particles or small particles?

The particles of quartz stone countertops are indeed large and small. According to different classifications, quartz stone is divided into single-color particle board, particle board with lens, two-color texture board, multi-color texture board and cement board. The quality of quartz stone cannot be singled out. Rely on particle size to define.
We can only distinguish this way. The larger the surface area of ​​the quartz stone is, the more binder is needed. As long as the material is good enough, the quality is very reliable regardless of whether it is large or small.

3. The difference between single-color and double-color quartz stone

The difference between the two mainly refers to the background color. Only one background color is monochromatic, and the one with two different background colors is called two-color, and it has nothing to do with whether there are particles such as glass and Musk. Generally speaking, two-color quartz stone is more expensive than monochromatic quartz stone, which is determined according to different colors and patterns!
At that time, the decoration was done by borrowing money, so I chose a common single-color coarse-grained board. It was no problem to cook every day. If you want to choose an expensive one, I suggest choosing a solid color board. It's really beautiful!

4. How to choose the thickness of quartz stone countertops?

There are two sizes of conventional quartz stone countertops, 1.5cm and 2cm, and a thickness of 1.5cm is sufficient for ordinary kitchen countertops. The decoration is rich and frugal, you do not set standards for decoration, you can also choose 2cm thick countertops.

5. Choose mat or mat for quartz stone countertop technology?

Quartz stone countertops are commonly used in the market, mainly mats and backing plates. In fact, no matter which one is used, the force on the countertop is more uniform and the chance of cracking of the countertop is reduced.
The pads are distributed by points, and other places are empty; the pads are all laid under the countertop in one piece and fit very tightly. I have to say the difference between the two, the pad is heavy and cheap, and the pad is light and expensive.
There are three or four cushion strips under the countertops of many cabinets, and the additional charge is also expensive. People who don’t understand think that the more you add, the better the stability. In fact, adding three stubs is enough.
The honeycomb backing board is also called the countertop companion. It is generally made of plastic material and has no elasticity. It not only bears load and resists pressure, but also reduces noise.

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