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Installation Tips of Quartz Stone
Aug 17,2016

Installation Tips of Quartz Stone

quartz stone
Quartz, as a new type of green environmental protection product, more and more recognized and used
by consumers, with the improving of the living standards and further penetration of quartz, quartz, will be
more widely used in the green home.
So the installation of the quartz, need to pay attention to what? From the 
panel and the ground under the shop is stuck two aspects in detail.                          
Mesa installation
First before installation, check whether the quartz size with ambry mesa is an exact 
match. If produce error, need to rework, quartz countertops or dressing cabinets.
After some products in the factory, if protected by unreasonable in the process of 
transportation, warehousing inevitably appear deformation, discoloration, scratches,
cracks, even phenomenon (of course it is not easy to normal manufacturer of quartz
in these cases, the quality guaranteed, packaging and transportation).

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quartz stone
When installed mesa, need to keep the distance between the table and metope, general gap in 3 to 5 mm
, leave the gap's main purpose is to prevent the table and cabinets after heat bilges cold shrink to extend, 
after the installation is complete, when playing on glass glue.
quartz stone
Ambry and various cushion flat panel, make two pieces of the joint plate gap as small as possible, the plate height 
difference is also small.
The installation has the following two splicing ways:
The article, under the installation
If you have the hang of edge, the measurement of cabinet put oneself in another's position size, deep mesa need to
set aside the size of 4 cm, so that the edge of the installation
For some L mesa or are some of the mesa, super long gaps must be cleared, evenly daub glue, and use F or A clip
to reinforce for about 20 minutes.
quartz stone
The best of the hypotenuse, seamless splicing, 45 °
quartz stone
Finally, clean up the surface dust, in juncture place, use the special glue daub of the same color. With more than 3000 mesh 
after the glue is completely dry crystal water flowing light cast time, finally, the wax mesa, quartz, table panel installation is complete.
quartz stone

quartz stone
The ground floor
1.  Use quick dry neutral water shop is stuck
 With cement paste with quartz, often live in cement and quartz will separate for a period of time. And quartz, and 
ceramic tile is not the same.
Because the cement is alkaline oxide, with quartz ishihara material containing a small amount of acid resin reaction.
Always recommend the use of quick drying neutral cement or paste special glue for quartz floor.
quartz stone
2. To use thick of galley
Quartz floor will appear in a few years later after the floor tile or cock bulging center phenomenon. This is due to 
the ground wet and quartz, caused by leakage characteristics, need not too worried, just ready to paste in front of the
waterproof and moistureproof air holes can be reserved.
In addition, paste before choose the thickness of the plate is very critical, suggested that the shop is stuck on the 
ground use 20 mm or 30 mm thickness of quartz.
quartz stone
Due to large quartz mesa high hardness, density, so the processing installation technology demand is higher. Therefore, quartz
countertops installation or the shop is stuck on the ground, should contact the professional quartz installed master, and use the
professional tools for installation, must not blind installation oh on its own.
quartz stone


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