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Is the kitchen decorated too ordinary? Have you chosen the right panel
Oct 28,2022

Is the kitchen decorated too ordinary? Have you chosen the right panel

Kitchen | a space to satisfy taste buds and soul

The kitchen stores the taste of the family. In this era when takeout is more convenient and fast, we can enjoy life only when we know how to eat bread, rice and salt. It can let us feel the warmest fireworks in the world in the most simple raw materials. Cupboards can be said to be the soul of the kitchen. Therefore, it is very important to choose the materials for the countertop of the cabinet. Not only aesthetics but also performance should be considered.

A good kitchen counter can not only add points to the kitchen space in the appearance design, improve the appearance of the overall space, but also improve the taste and escort the quality of life.

Quartz stone, rock slab, artificial stone

What material is a good table top?

Everyone has his own answer. Weiyang Quartz Stone is the most suitable material for kitchen countertop application in terms of physical properties, chemical properties, style and color selection.

The selection of quartz is very important

Wayon Stone pays attention to details

In order to create a more warm living space, we have produced and processed quartz stone platform panels, allowing customers to realize the idea of giving consideration to both beauty and functionality.

Since its establishment in 1982, Wayon Stone has 40 years of experience in supporting stone projects at home and abroad. Specializing in the production of quartz stone, the quality and style and color are in the forefront of the stone industry. Each piece meets the quality standards of various countries around the world, and each piece contains Weiyang's unique views on stone.

Wayon  Spirit White Case

Foshan Apartment WG486 Spirit White Case

The elegant texture of ice soul white, the blending lines and the artistic charm of light gray texture make the whole table panel emit an elegant atmosphere. Ice soul white covers the mainstream color and individual matching color. It is low-key but beautiful, which highlights the elegant charm of the whole space.

WG486 Spirit White Display

WG486 Spirit White Large Board Chart

Product live shot

Wayon Northridge Case

Australia Villa WG515 Northridge Case

The gray lines on the white background are clear and natural, and the simple white and gray of Beiling are interwoven, as if telling a mysterious story. The refined temperament and warm texture make the kitchen space more natural and quiet.

WG515 Northridge Display

WG515 Northridge board

Product live shot

Wayon Calacatta Gold Case

WG466 Calacatta Gold Apartment

WG466  Calacatta Gold Display

The open kitchen space breaks through the limitation of traditional decorative thinking, and shares the fun of cooking with family and friends at any time. At the same time, the large scale design of fish belly and platinum greatly enhances the space's attractiveness. In fact, it has transformed into a new environment that is "pleasant to cook, but also enjoyable to socialize".

Wayon WG437 Pulse White Case

American villa WG437 WG437 Pulse White case

With simple and elegant details, the design inspiration of the combination of nature and aesthetics gives the kitchen a new vitality. Integrate modern household elements to create an appropriate living space. The natural texture of pulse white makes elegant temperament and fashion blend beautifully, laying a classic and durable space keynote

Like a fresh morning light, Weiyang chooses more simple lines to blend into the space, giving a modern experience that is as light as tea but also exquisite visually.

Some people say that life is not so simple, but in fact, life is a meal, day and night.

The kitchen is the most warm and smoky place in the family. It is not only a love of life, but also an attitude towards life to carefully prepare a meal and carefully select the kitchen counter.

The kitchen counter made of Weiyang quartz stone not only has love and delicious food, but also has poetry and distance.

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