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latest news | Focus丨Wayon was invited to participate in the 2nd Green Building China Summit
Oct 26,2018

latest news | Focus丨Wayon was invited to participate in the 2nd Green Building China Summit


The world's largest green building conference platform

Greenbuild International Green Building Conference and Expo

October 23-24, 2018

Grandly held in Shanghai Tower, China

International Green Building Conference

International Green Building Conference (Greedbuild)

Is the largest in the world

Conferences and expos dedicated to green buildings

Is to promote the contemporary green building industry

And a platform for disseminating industry knowledge and information
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Greenbuild organizer

"United States Green Building Council (USGBC)"

And CBRE as a partner of this summit

Fully assist in the successful holding of the conference



The summit is dedicated to the development of green building communities in China

"Human X Nature" as the theme

Practice the "green" concept

Incorporate green technology into the building

Realize the storage and transformation of energy and resources






The first Greenbuild hosted by USGBC

Texas, USA since 2002

After more than 16 years of innovation

Has become a grand event in the global green building industry

According to the statistics

40% of the world's energy is used in buildings

50% of greenhouse gas emissions also originate from buildings

The concept of green building has gradually become the trend of global architectural development



As the largest developing country-China

Greater China is outside the United States

The largest market for LEED certification

More than 1,300 LEED certification projects in mainland China

The area reaches more than 50 million square meters

With the increase of green awareness

The enthusiasm for the green building business in the Chinese market cannot be underestimated

Greenbuild China is taking root like a cover

Helping green business flourish in China




About LEED and WELL certification


Energy and Environmental Design Pioneer Award (LEED for short)

Established by USGBC in 1993
It's a way of scoring and evaluation
To evaluate the design and construction of green buildings
And operational certification system


International Healthy Building Award (WELL for short)

is based on

Surrounding air, water, nutrition, lighting, construction, comfort and mood

Health elements in these seven areas

A certification system judged as a reference




Wayon Stone as the invited enterprise of the conference

Own products have long been affected by


GreenguardGOLD Gold Green Guardian Certification

It is also one of the bonus items of LEED and WELL certification



WayonStone and

Global leaders in the field of green business gather here

Work together to create a healthier and more sustainable future


The two-day green building China summit has come to an end

But Weiyang Stone

On the road to a new era of green building

Still move forward

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