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latest news | Official announcement丨Wayon meets the Canton Fair
Oct 17,2018

latest news | Official announcement丨Wayon meets the Canton Fair

Canton Fair


The China Import and Export Fair


China Import Commodities Fair, also referred to as "Canton Fair"

It is China's current comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the highest level and the largest scale

Known as "China's First Exhibition"
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Facing the 124th Autumn Canton Fair

The veteran and foreigners say

"Quartz stone slabs, cabinet boards, engineering boards" troika exhibited


Opening day

In front of the Weiyang booth

We were put on another eleventh holiday

Sino-U.S. trade war



Since the trade war, there have been many pessimistic views in China

Many people believe that China’s economic growth will fall off a cliff



However, statistically speaking, the first three quarters of this year

China’s imports and exports to the United States were 3.06 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.5%

The U.S. remains China’s second largest trading partner

From this Canton Fair, among about 200,000 exhibitors

The United States accounted for 15%, the second largest

Guangzhou Canton Fair in a bit of haze weather

Still crowded

For Weiyang Stone

Own high-quality and high-price products

Still the primary goal of being hotly purchased

"One Belt One Road"

Facing the U.S. trade war

The continuous advancement of China's "One Belt One Road"

Make buyers from countries and regions along the route become

An important part of the Canton Fair


Wayon Stone responded to national policies early

Continuously enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises

Although the figure of the Canton Fair is far away

But the footsteps of the Tao Expo are quietly approaching

The Foshan Ceramic Fair for four days

Will officially kick off on October 18, 2018

By then, Weiyang Stone will be in


F02, Central District, Foshan China Ceramics Industry Headquarters Base

Looking forward to your arrival!

Nine-Nine Double Ninth Festival, a long time

Wayon Stone congratulates everyone on Happy Double Ninth Festival

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