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Large professional stone group,R&D center mining,branch network

latest news | Wayon丨Guangzhou Design Week丨Dubai Big 5 Show
Nov 27,2018

latest news | Wayon丨Guangzhou Design Week丨Dubai Big 5 Show

Hundreds of rivers like Guangzhou Design Week

Sometimes the waves are soaring, sometimes calm


2018 Guangzhou Design Week

"Expression in form, affection in interior"

November 27-29

2018 Guangzhou Design Week

Will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Hall

Take off the mask and show your face

Don’t make the same design, don’t make the same product

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Colorful exhibition content

More than 700 brands in 20 countries

More than 10,000 new products

More than 90,000 square meters of exhibition area

3 exhibition areas and 9 exhibition halls

Let you see it all at once!



A storm of thinking contended by a hundred schools of thought

100 events in the same period of 2018 Guangzhou Design Week Exhibition

200 big coffee, N forward-looking trends and current hot spots!

Let you hear HIGH once!


2018 International Design Forum (IDF) Annual Conference


2018 Hongmian China Design Award Annual Ceremony



November 27

Wayon Stone at 2D12, Hall 2, Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo

Waiting for your arrival!






Fire tree silver flower such as Dubai International five major industry exhibitions

The largest building materials exhibition in the Middle East is held in full swing

The Big 5 Dubai

Middle East Dubai International Industry Exhibition (BIG5 for short)

Will be November 26-29, 2018

Grand opening in Dubai World Trade Center, UAE


BIG5 was founded in 1980 in Dubai, UAE

It is the largest building structure material and water treatment technology in the Middle East

Professional exposition of air conditioning and refrigeration, hardware glass, bathroom equipment

A total of 2,601 exhibitors from 64 countries around the world participated in the last edition

Exhibition area reached more than 110,000 square meters

Attracted 64595 professional buyers from all over the world to visit

Engineering case

Wayon Stone has stable partners in many third-party countries

Firmly follow the pace of the national "One Belt One Road" policy

Ethiopian Railway Platform


Algeria Airport


Wayon has focused on stone for 36 years

Not just the craftsmanship

From color to specification

Wayon gives it a sense of design




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