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latest news | Wayon·Yuanhang丨Italy MARMOMACC Stone Fair
Sep 29,2018

latest news | Wayon·Yuanhang丨Italy MARMOMACC Stone Fair



Verona International Stone Fair, Italy


Has extremely rich stone resources since ancient times

Its stone craftsmanship and design concept

Is second to none in the world

Known as "the country of stone"
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Every September

The Verona Stone Fair in Italy will be for stone people all over the world

Bring the world's top stone feast


September 26, 2018

The 53rd Verona International Stone Fair lasting 4 days

Officially opened at the International Exhibition Center in Verona, Italy


Water and stone

Water and Stone

The theme of this exhibition is

"Water and Stone"

Weak flowing water


Solid stone


It's a combination of movement and stillness

Also the most classic golden partner in nature


Wayon Products


Wayon Stone has always pursued

Liberate people from the reinforced forest

To feel the vast sea and sky between heaven and earth

To experience the magnificence of nature

And the theme artistic conception of this year's Verona exhibition

Coincide with each other



WG410 Cloud Atlas 


WG415 Cloud Layer 


WBG201 Ice White 


After years of precipitation in foreign markets, Wayon
Deeply understand the trend of international stone trends

The booth is on the doorstep



Wayon was invited to participate in the customer appreciation banquet of the famous Italian machinery company DONATONI



Developed and produced by DONATONI, Italy

Five-axis phototypesetting automatic suction cup bridge cutting machine


Settled in the engineering processing center of Weiyang Group

With advanced automatic detection of saw blade diameter and plate thickness

Equipped with a camera, optimized typesetting, precise pattern alignment

Can cut edges at any angle

As flexible as a human arm

Different processing experience

Different process effect

2018 Italy MARMOMACC Stone Fair

The curtain is officially closed today

Weiyang will still meet you in 2019


On the occasion of National Day

Wayon wishes everyone a happy National Day!


Wayon Stone has been standing for 36 years

Taste the light breeze and drizzle, experience the stormy sea

Only, the original intention remains unchanged

Talent, ingenuity lasts forever


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