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The application of ice beige terrazzo in life
Aug 13,2021

The application of ice beige terrazzo in life

The core collection is a noble furniture created by a discarded water mill accidentally discovered by a construction craftsman through surface processing, polishing, and polishing. People are refreshing and say its traits at the same time. If you choose to use it, it is impossible to be damaged due to fear of damaged weather conditions. They are not so much furniture as they are practical works of art.
The finishing touch of this series of furniture is the designer's creativity of recycling garbage into furniture. These unremarkable rubbish terrazzo fragments on construction sites are turned into special materials in the hands of the designer. The plasticity of terrazzo is very good, any shape and material can be competent, even if they are flawed as the base of the furniture, but the designer did not deliberately repair it, but presented these imperfections without reservation. This is also right. Another way of expressing beauty.
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