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The benefits of ultra-fine particles of engineered quartz stone
Sep 10,2021

The benefits of ultra-fine particles of engineered quartz stone

Quartz slate as a hard decorative material has gradually become familiar to everyone. However, the ultra-fine particle board, as one of them, has always been veiled with mystery because of its high requirements for craftsmanship and equipment.
When Amelite brought the latest eight-color ultra-fine particle slabs to the 20th Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, everyone was amazed. The exquisite texture and excellent gloss of the ultra-fine particle slabs can not help but be admired.
The ultra-fine particle boards on the market today do generally appear in solid color styles, but they are not the same as ordinary large particle solid color boards.
First of all, in terms of technology, ultrafine particle board has higher requirements for technology and equipment. The reason why she has always been dubbed "Export" is enough to show her preciousness.
The production of quartz stone slabs, in general, is to compact the quartz stone particles together, and use a small amount of liquid resin binder to fill the gap between the particles and the particles during the pressing, and form a uniform and stable surface after drying. Honeycomb mesh structure.
When tens of thousands of ultra-fine quartz stone particles in the ultra-fine-grained quartz stone slab are tightly combined, a quartz stone slab with ultra-high density will be formed.
This is why she is not just a solid color slab.
We can understand the difference in density between the two at a glance. We can see that in the cross section of the green ultra-fine-grained quartz slab, each quartz stone is tightly combined. The compactness of the large particle board is far less visible to the naked eye than the ultrafine particles, and there are obvious gaps between the quartz stone particles.
This has a lot to do with their structure.
We can see that the ultra-fine-grained quartz stone slabs are made of ultra-fine quartz stone particles, which are almost the smallest state of quartz stone in the natural state. Therefore, they are almost the same size, can be closely combined together, and have the same structure. Stablize.
For large-grained quartz slabs, the selected quartz stone particles are of different sizes and specifications, and these particles of different sizes and shapes will inevitably leave larger gaps when they are combined.
These unavoidable gaps will directly affect its compactness, thereby affecting its hardness, compression resistance, impact resistance, scratch resistance and all practical properties.
Of course, regardless of the particle size, the various properties of quartz slabs are far superior to other natural and artificial stones. It’s just that when we delve into it, it’s easy to find the inseparable relationship between the particle size of the quartz slab and its compactness-the finer the particles, the higher the compactness!
In summary, the quartz slate is of course superfine particles~!
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