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The difference between agate black gem and chalcedony
Aug 13,2021

The difference between agate black gem and chalcedony

Chalcedony and agate are the same mineral, both belong to cryptocrystalline jade. The difference between the two is that agate has obvious banded texture, while chalcedony does not. Agate and chalcedony are among the most common jade products.
Chalcedony is mainly divided into four categories according to its color:
①White chalcedony Grayish-gray, single composition. Slightly transparent-translucent.
② Carnelian red to brownish red, slightly transparent and semi-transparent.
③ Green chalcedony, green in different tones, slightly transparent and semi-transparent, is often used as jade.
The green chalcedony produced in Australia is also called Australian jade or Australian jade. The color is uniform green, often with yellow tones and gray tones. High-quality ones are more vivid apple green.
④Blue chalcedony, gray-blue to blue-green, produces color from blue minerals. Opaque and slightly transparent.
The blue chalcedony produced in Taiwan is blue, blue-green, uniform in color, opaque and translucent. The color of high-quality Taiwanese blue chalcedony is similar to the color of high-quality sky blue turquoise.
According to the color, it is divided into white agate, red agate, green agate, black agate, etc.
According to the strips, it is divided into onyx, also called striped agate, a kind of agate with relatively simple color and relatively clear strips. Common onyx can have black and white strips or red and white strips.
According to impurities or inclusions, it can be divided into moss agate, fire agate (with a colorful halo like fire opal), and water bile agate.
Nanhong agate is referred to as Nanhong for short. It is one of the most valuable agate categories at the moment. It has become popular in recent years and its price has been rising. It is collectively called the "Three Treasures of Wenwan" with turquoise and lapis lazuli. Southern red agate is mainly produced in Baoshan, Yunnan and Liangshan, Sichuan.
The difference between southern red and ordinary red agate: ①The red of southern red is formed by countless natural cinnabar dots, which can be seen under strong light; ②the texture of southern red is also very oily, and the texture of jade is very strong; ③has uniform The permeability.
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