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about us | The struggle of a 35-year-old middle-aged man...
Dec 31,2018

about us | The struggle of a 35-year-old middle-aged man...

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Hello everyone!

My name is wayon

Born in 1982

In the small town of Yunfu, Shicheng

My birth

Actually because the family has no land to cultivate

Had no choice but to embark on a part-time job

The concept at that time was not like it is now

You are still a landlord

I have a nickname called Lixin

Because of that era

Shabby and new

From production team to part-time job

I have always been under this name

Look at my photos when I was young▼

(It's the "Lixin Granite Factory" on the signboard, not a handsome motorcycle guy~ Make no mistake)

Me at that time

Like young people who start a business now

High-spirited and stressed

Signboards are shared

But i work hard

Work overtime day and night

Responding to the country's reform and opening up

Rush to the big city

Become the first batch of people to go to the sea

Settled in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

Ghost knows what i went through

I seem to have achieved results in the blink of an eye?

▼1995-2002 Guangzhou Lixin

▼1999-2002 Yunfu Wayon



▼1998 Shanghai Wayon

▼Tianjin Wayon in 2000


in 2000

I have a camera to take a selfie of myself


The above is my 18 years old

While working hard

I don't forget to learn and progress

In Steve Jobs’s words

Stay hungry, stay foolish

Late twentieth century

There is still a lot of room for development of my country's stone industry

We often go to foreign mines, factories, and exhibitions

Understand the latest trends in stone

Learn advanced technology




Of course do not forget to import high-quality stone

Meet the rapid development of domestic construction needs

Not only that I think I’m a bit good

At that time, government representatives, TV stations, etc. all came to investigate and interview me

Hehe this model company



Looking at these old photos

Feel very old

But i feel like

Live younger

Look at your own certificate wall

(Too many awards, so I have to display the classified part)

Thirty-five years Wayon

Thirty-five years of brilliance


Grateful for being with you


Remember the history

Forge ahead

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