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There are 3 kinds of kitchen countertops that are both dirt-resistant and good-looking. After you figure out the advantages and disadvantages, you will know how to choose
Oct 25,2021

There are 3 kinds of kitchen countertops that are both dirt-resistant and good-looking. After you figure out the advantages and disadvantages, you will know how to choose

When we decorate the kitchen, most of us install cabinets in the kitchen. The countertop of the cabinet, which is the kitchen countertop, is matched with the cabinet. It can be seen that the choice of the kitchen countertop is very important. Because a good kitchen countertop is not only convenient for us to use, but also has a long service life. So how do we choose kitchen countertops?
Which material to choose for kitchen countertops is dirt-resistant, safe and beautiful? In fact, for this issue, the personal opinion is that there are at least three types of kitchen countertops that meet the requirements.
(1): Slate
Slate is a surface decoration material that has become popular in recent years. It can not only be used on our walls and floors, but also on kitchen countertops. I personally think that rock slabs are a kind of kitchen countertops that are very in line with safety, stain resistance, and aesthetics. So the first thing I recommend to everyone is rock slabs.
Reason analysis: ① The slate has very high safety, and safety here is food-grade safety. The slate is an accessible food-grade safe material. For example, we are kneading noodles directly on the slate and cutting vegetables is not a problem. ②. Even if the surface of the rock slab is dirty, we gently wipe it with a rag and it is very clean. ③ The abrasion resistance of the rock slab is also very high. We cut vegetables on the rock board with a kitchen knife, leaving almost no traces. ④ The beauty of the rock slab is also very good. Because rock slabs are made of large sizes and have good textures, from the aesthetic point of view, rock slabs are also better than other kitchen countertop materials.
Disadvantage analysis: As for the kitchen countertops made of rock slabs, since it has become popular in recent years, its overall production may not match our kitchen countertops, so the finished effect may not be particularly ideal. Especially for the processing of corners, it is not as mature as other countertops. Another point is that the price of slate countertops is relatively high, so we have to compare them when we choose.

(Two): quartz stone
Quartz stone countertops can be said to be the most commonly used material in kitchen countertops. Because the effect of quartz stone countertops is close to that of stone. Moreover, the surface is very smooth, and the mask is very good in terms of pollution resistance. Moreover, the technology of quartz stone kitchen countertops is relatively mature, and any finished product can be made according to our size. The effect of the made quartz stone is also very good. Therefore, the second recommended choice for kitchen countertops is quartz countertops.
Reason analysis: ① The production and processing technology of quartz stone countertops is relatively mature, so its overall effect is very reasonable with our cabinets. The decoration effect after quartz stone countertops is completed is relatively good. ② The stain resistance of quartz stone countertops is also very good. Everyone knows that after the quartz stone countertop is dirty, it can be wiped very clean by gently rubbing it with a rag. ③ The wear resistance of quartz stone is also very, very good. Because it is pressed using quartz as a raw material, its hardness is also very high. As long as it is not a serious scratch, basically it will not appear.
Disadvantage analysis: For quartz stone countertops, I personally think that the biggest disadvantage is that the heat resistance is not particularly good. Like the quartz countertops installed in the kitchens of many families, cracks have appeared after several years of use. In fact, these are all cracks caused by the heating of our kitchen countertops. Another point is that the quartz stone countertops are relatively heavy, so the installation requirements are relatively high. If the installation is not firm, the quartz stone countertop may shake. The last point is the quartz stone countertop, which is not particularly environmentally friendly. Since it is made by using quartz as a raw material and then adding a certain amount of glue to press it, it is not a food-grade safe material. Therefore, food cannot be made directly on quartz stone countertops.

(3): Stainless steel countertop
Stainless steel kitchen countertops are another very commonly used countertop in kitchens. The installation method of the stainless steel countertop is also very simple. We only need to process the stainless steel countertop according to the size and then install it. Because stainless steel countertops have excellent durability and have a very long service life, they are also accepted by many families. For this reason, the last recommended choice is stainless steel countertops.
Reason analysis: ① The wear resistance and stain resistance of stainless steel countertops are also very good. For example, we choose 304 stainless steel, its surface is very smooth and clean, even if the surface is contaminated, we wipe lightly, it becomes bright as new. ② The cost performance of stainless steel countertops is relatively high. Like stainless steel countertops and quartz stone countertops, we can save nearly 1/3 of the price, so in terms of cost performance, stainless steel countertops are the first choice. ③ From the perspective of heat resistance, I personally think that stainless steel countertops are the best. Any hot food in our home can be placed on the stainless steel countertop, and will not cause cracking and deformation of the stainless steel countertop.
Disadvantage analysis: For stainless steel countertops, there are also disadvantages, which is the reason why stainless steel is slowly abandoned by many friends. Among them, the most common problem with stainless steel countertops is scratches on the surface. Because some of our usual operations in the kitchen inevitably cause friction on the countertop, and the stainless steel countertop has a long time, there are many scratches on the surface, which is particularly unsightly. Another point is that the grease on stainless steel countertops is not as good as other countertops, so it is not particularly good to choose stainless steel countertops for places with heavy oil stains. The last point is the decorative effect of stainless steel countertops. On the whole, it is not as good as quartz countertops, and it is also not as good as slate countertops. It feels that the grade is not particularly high.

Regarding the choice of kitchen countertops, the personal choice recommendations are the kitchen environment to be concerned about. For example, the kitchen has oil stains, and another point is that the kitchen may have temperature changes, so we choose the kitchen countertops to be resistant to oil stains and high temperature. In addition, if conditions permit, try to choose some accessible food-grade countertops, which are safer to use. So in this article, I recommend three kitchen countertops to choose from. You can compare them. These three are all good choices.

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