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Wayon Gemstone | A Beautiful Choice for Light Luxury Space Design and Decoration
Mar 30,2024

Wayon Gemstone | A Beautiful Choice for Light Luxury Space Design and Decoration




Forty Years of Craftsmanship Inheritance


The mysterious beauty of gemstones, high gloss, and crystal radiance
They are bright and beautiful
Their luxurious and dazzling beauty can touch the soul
Wayon is committed to restoring the magnificent beauty of natural gemstone culture




Gemstone raw materials

Restoring the original and magnificent beauty of nature


Select raw gemstones according to specified size and color - Perform process steps such as cutting, typesetting, polishing, filling seams/glue according to customer requirements and specifications - Semi gemstone specification board (can be assembled in large boards, specifications, or at will)


Wayon unique design and exquisite processing techniques
Carefully select every high-quality natural raw stone
Cutting natural gemstones separately
Artificially spliced to create gemstones with vibrant colors



Semi precious stone specification plate
Specifications can be customized at will




02. Semi precious stone board specification board




Natural stone layering
It's breaking away from uniformity
To become unique
It embodies the charm of nature to the fullest extent
The best design embodiment of luxury, simplicity, and luxury



Detail display of semi precious stone specification board (specification splicing, random splicing)
Some styles can be spliced into shapes and patterns according to customer needs



The Best Choice for Interior Design



These natural semi precious stones are individually cut and combined to give strength and stability to our gemstone board. Gemstone slabs are processed to remove natural impurities, and only the best materials can be used to make gemstone specification slabs. These slabs are carefully designed to highlight the unique natural characteristics of each gemstone.













Wayon Gem/Variety Series






Gem sample
Multiple small samples can be collected by contacting us

Application of Wayon Gemstones
Furniture countertop/background wall/floor/island/dining table/foyer




Wayon Gemstone relies on its natural and magnificent beauty
Extremely luxurious transparency

And the diversity of application scenarios
Common matching decorations for various designs in different spaces





Gemstone furniture countertop

The best decorative item for interior design



Transparent flooring

Creating a luxurious and splendid atmosphere



Malachite series

Classical atmosphere and light and shadow come from here








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