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Wayon Natural Stone | Advanced processing technology to create high-quality natural stone projects
Jun 08,2024

Wayon Natural Stone | Advanced processing technology to create high-quality natural stone projects


Natural marble with its unique texture and color

Adding elegance and nobility to the space

Every piece of marble is a masterpiece of nature

Clear hierarchy










Wayon Stone

Over 40 years of professional experience and craftsmanship spirit

Continuously pursuing excellence

Advanced research and development, processing, and construction technology

To create high-quality projects


Black&White Marble







The white color scheme creates a simple and exquisite atmosphere

Create a spacious and bright space effect

White as the main tone

The overall effect is simple, generous, clean, and comfortable

▼ Finished product display ▼














Green Marble



Classic and fashionable combination of black and green

Fully expressing the combination of nature and life

This black marble has natural and clear patterns

Showcasing advanced and eye-catching features

And with personalized spatial effects

Professional engineering projects







■ Finished product display










Details of processed products of  Green Marble



Gray Marble



 Yunduola Grey




Yunduola Grey has natural and beautiful patterns and colors

The gray base is intertwined and blended with white cloud silk patterns

Whether it's commercial space or high-end hotels

Still a luxury residence

Can bring to your space

An elegant, natural, and comfortable atmosphere



Natural Stone Project - Guangzhou CITIC Junting





Yunduola Grey

Can be processed into various sizes and sizes

Support irregular machining and cutting

Customize various countertops, sinks, etc





Ink cloud gray

∆ Macau Yunshun Shopping Mall Project



Beige Marble


Magnolia grandiflora





The beige tone is dotted with white patterns

The texture is warm and smooth like jade, showing a grand and elegant atmosphere

Suitable for indoor floors, walls, and countertops

And other decorations

Strong surface luster and uniform color

Extremely cost-effective

Display of processed products










Natural marble project sharing


▐ Natural marble project - Beijing National Theatre


▐ Natural marble project - Shanghai Jinmao Building


▐ Natural Marble Project - Sheraton Hotel Sanya, Hainan


▐ Natural marble project - Taizhou Maoye Tiandi


▐ Natural Marble Project - CONRAD Hotel



Product ordering notice: Marble is a natural product, and the texture and pattern of each board are unique. The ordered goods cannot be exactly the same as the sample, and differences between the goods and the sample are allowed.




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