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Wayon MCS Stone | Have you ever seen a stone that is as soft and versatile as paper
Apr 16,2024

Wayon MCS Stone | Have you ever seen a stone that is as soft and versatile as paper




  As a professional global manufacturer of new materials, Wayon has four major production and processing bases, with an annual output of over 3 million square meters of high-quality artificial stone sheets such as quartz, terrazzo, and cement stone,Professional processing of various types of stone countertop panels, furniture boards, specification boards, engineering boards and other wall and floor countertop materials.


Wayon Stone | Ultra thin Soft Stone

There is a new category of stone products,
It is as thick as paper and has the characteristics of being bendable, translucent, and diverse in shape
Not only can it present realistic stone effects
And it has advantages in cost and construction efficiency
It is - ultra-thin soft stone

01 What is ultra-thin soft stone

Soft stone is a new type of natural building decoration material. A flexible architectural decorative surface material composed of inorganic substances such as sand, stone powder, coal ash tailings, etc., under curved temperature and photochemical isomerization conditions.
With the development of technology, it can be developed into imitation stone, imitation leather patterns, imitation wood, etc. Anything imaginable can be achieved with soft stone.




02  Composition of ultra-thin soft stones

Ultra thin soft stone ecological materials are ubiquitous, and inorganic powder materials such as natural soil and stone powder can be used as raw materials.




03  Advantages of Soft Stone

Compared with traditional building materials such as tiles, coatings, flexible tiles, aluminum-plastic panels, etc., ultra-thin soft stones have significant advantages. It mainly manifests in the following aspects:

1.  Lightweight and thin texture

Breathable, waterproof, lightweight, and soft in texture, without the need for additional wall base support.



2. Rich texture

It can be shaped arbitrarily, such as wood grain, stone, weaving, split bricks, etc., and can also be created with distinct personalized forms according to the designer's ideas.


3 Durable and long-lasting

Non fading, acid and alkali resistant, freeze-thaw resistant, earthquake resistant, crack resistant, and high strength.


4. Easy to clean

The surface of the product has strong hydrophilicity, and once it encounters rainwater,
it can quickly form a layer of water film on the surface of the material, making it difficult for dirt to adhere and washing away with the rainwater.



5. Green and Environmental Protection

MCM technology is a new material formed by separating, crushing and spray inorganic substances such as sand and stone powder to coat active gene clusters. Odorless, non-toxic, non radiative, and can withstand aging for the same lifespan as buildings.




✫ Suitable for art museums, creating an ultimate design space
Model: MSX01 textured stone


Suitable for hotels, chain stores, large shopping malls, etc
Large buildings enhance the atmosphere
Model: MSF09 cement board

04 Application scope of soft stone

Widely applicable to:
Building exterior walls, indoor interior walls, indoor ceilings, outdoor floors, indoor floors


It is also particularly suitable for the decorative layer of high-rise building exterior walls, urban renovated exterior walls, external insulation systems, as well as the decorative engineering of irregular buildings such as curved walls and arched columns. You can choose from various decors and stone like effects.



✫ Indoor walls of a five-star hotel
Model: MSF08 rammed earth board


Outdoor swimming pool background, natural beauty
Model: MSX02 Clear Water Rock




Soft Stone Product Preview
Ecological bricks and flat panel series


Stereoscopic board series



Line board series





Soft stone that can be used both indoors and outdoors, with environmentally friendly materials and a natural aesthetic. The surface has a realistic texture and texture, creating an ultimate sense of design in the space. At the same time, it is easy to install, improves work efficiency, and is cost-effective and high-quality. Welcome to inquire!


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