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Wayon Stone | 133rd Canton Fair
May 03,2023

Wayon Stone | 133rd Canton Fair

Canton Fair


The first phase of the 133rd Canton Fair has come to a perfect end

On April 19th, the first phase of the 133rd Canton Fair came to an end. It was learned from the organizing committee of the Fair that the cumulative number of visitors to the exhibition exceeded 1.26 million, and the grand gathering of thousands of merchants showcased the unique charm and attractiveness of the Fair to the world.


Xu Bing, spokesperson for the Canton Fair and deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, introduced that many buyers come to the Fair from afar to overcome flight and other inconvenience, with the aim of signing orders, visiting old friends, and meeting new customers.


Wayon Stone

The original intention remains unchanged

Participated in the Canton Fair for 17 consecutive years

Never absent

Yunfu Wayon Stone, which has participated in the Canton Fair for 17 consecutive years, is full of expectations for this year's fair. At the booth, our exhibitors warmly introduced green and environmentally friendly building materials with higher performance to buyers. We hope to gain a better understanding of international market demand and trends through the smooth dual circulation bridge of the Canton Fair, while also expanding the market exposure of our products and brands to expand into a broader market.

The person in charge of Yunfu Wayon Stone said, "We have been participating in the Canton Fair for 17 consecutive years, and even during the epidemic period, we actively participate in online exhibitions. We are very grateful to the Yunfu Municipal Bureau of Commerce for their enthusiasm in serving enterprises, helping us solve customer procurement certificate issues in a timely manner, and also helping Yunfu enterprises compete for better positions. At this year's Canton Fair, Yunfu Weiyang will bring higher performance green and environmentally friendly building materials, which combine strong durability, green environmental protection, safety and health, and aesthetic practicality. I hope to actively explore the RCEP area through the Canton Fair and promote more green and environmentally friendly stone products to the world.


▲ Report on the Canton Fair: Yunfu Wayon Stone


Wayon Stone&Canton Fair

Wayon Stone has been in the stone industry for the 41st year since its establishment in 1982. From a stone enterprise among numerous enterprises in Yunfu to a stone group that integrates production, processing, and sales with seven major branches nationwide, Wayon has always adhered to the business philosophy of "integrity and quality", providing high-quality products and professional stone engineering supporting services to domestic and overseas customers


Wayon Stone has been continuously cultivating in the stone industry for 41 years, with business areas including quartz stone, terrazzo, marble, granite, cement stone, ultra-thin soft stone and other new stone building materials. Our business service areas cover the world, and we can see the presence of Weiyang stone products from all over the world.

As a "barometer" and "wind vane" of China's foreign trade, the recent popularity of the Canton Fair has confirmed that Chinese and foreign merchants are exploring new cooperation opportunities here. This is a trust and support for the resilience and vitality of China's economy. Behind the "gathering of thousands of merchants" is a microcosm of the changes in China's import and export foreign trade economic structure.

As a global stone supplier and one of the Chinese enterprises driven by the Canton Fair platform, Wayon Stone will definitely adhere to the leadership of the Party, go out to let the world know China as the "world factory", and enter to let countries around the world understand China as the "world market".


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