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Wayon Stone | Autumn Canton Fair Live
Oct 24,2023

Wayon Stone | Autumn Canton Fair Live

At this Autumn Canton Fair, the wayon booth was very lively.
We showcased Wayon's latest and most designed Wayon quartz stone slabs, and Pre-fabricated Countertops, Floor&Wall, Customized and various customized finished stone products, as well as There are also small sample walls of representative Wayon quartz stone, terrazzo, and natural stone.
On the first day of the event,merchants, partners, and peers from all parties came to the Wayon booth to discuss products,exchange and share ideas on stone industry development,product innovation and design, etc.
We thank you all for coming to participate in the guidance and enjoying the rare face-to-face communication. Wayon people will receive the friends who come to our booth with the most sincere and sincere attitude, so that everyone can feel the strength of our products and professional attitude.
Canton Fair Date-Phase 2: 23-27 Oct. 2023
Location: ZoneB, Canton Fair Complex,Guangzhou
Booth No.: H29-30,I19-20
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