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Wayon Stone | MSL07 Soft Stone
Dec 15,2023

Wayon Stone | MSL07 Soft Stone

The newly launched MSL07 soft stone by Wayon Stone is a 3D soft stone made of imitating the grain of granite. The MSL07 soft stone has warm and soft colors, and the colors can be mixed according to your needs, giving people a simple and peaceful atmosphere.
The average thickness of MSL 07 soft stone is about 2-6mm, which has the characteristics of thin weight, seismic and crack resistance, and strong flexibility, and plays the role of antibacterial and air purification to a certain extent. Compared to granite,MSL 07 soft stone is more convenient to install and can be bent, so it is more plastic.
MSL07 soft stone can be used in the design of various irregular shaped walls and interior decoration designs of cabinets, showcasing a strong and natural texture contrast, making it an excellent partner for creating personalized spaces.
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