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Wayon Stone | Quality Choice for Hotel Engineering | high quality granite countertop
Apr 17,2021

Wayon Stone | Quality Choice for Hotel Engineering | high quality granite countertop

Hotel, the word comes from French, at the time it meant a villa where aristocrats entertained VIPs in the countryside. The basic definition is a commercial organization that provides a safe and comfortable space for users to get a short rest or sleep.
High-quality service, perfect facilities, and pleasant environment are all criteria for evaluating a hotel, but a successful hotel needs to do more than that.
If it were you, how would you make a successful hotel?

Hotel Engineering | Construction Material Selection

The current domestic hotel industry has sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain. A successful hotel requires a lot of preparatory work, so hotel preparation is the key to hotel management.

It is the starting line for brand building. The preparation of the hotel directly affects the later operation and management of the hotel, and is related to the market’s brand recognition of the hotel.

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What is the most important in the early stage of hotel preparations?

People are visual animals,

A successful hotel can never do without excellent design.

During the preparatory work of the hotel,

Architectural design is the key to the success of the hotel.
Don't overlook the importance of hotel building materials to the design.

So which building material should be the best choice?










-Wayon Stone-Since its establishment, it has participated in many hotel engineering projects at home and abroad, regardless of product quality,

Or it has achieved a very good reputation in terms of color selection and styling, which has won the favor of customers and architectural design companies. To

Terrazzo products

Wayon inorganic terrazzo contains more than 60% natural quartz raw materials, uses environmentally friendly inorganic adhesives, inorganic pigments, and does not contain organic ingredients such as resins and glues.

It is molded by high-frequency and high-pressure vibration. Weiyang terrazzo has independently developed a variety of designs and colors, and the production process is very mature. It is suitable for paving the floors and walls of hotels, or processing all kinds of furniture.

The retro elegance of the Wayon terrazzo itself can enhance the atmosphere of the entire hotel, so that everyone who comes to the hotel can enjoy the sense of luxury brought by the terrazzo.

Quartz products

Wayon quartz stone contains more than 90% of natural quartz raw materials and is a new type of non-radioactive artificial stone. The Mohs hardness can reach 6-7 degrees, and the environmental protection and safety performance can reach the standard of direct contact with food.

It is suitable for all kinds of countertops in hotels, or small-size paving decoration on the ground and walls.

The unique texture of the surface of Weiyang quartz stone is transparent and rich in color. After precision cutting and polishing through the introduction of advanced Italian processing equipment,

Each piece of quartz stone will show a unique texture. The feeling of elegance and generosity makes every user alive in his heart.


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