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Wayon Stone's 2023 transcript is freshly released, please click to view
Jan 30,2024

Wayon Stone's 2023 transcript is freshly released, please click to view

Wayon 2023

Fresh transcripts released


First, let me briefly introduce myself


My name is Wayon Stone

He is 41 years old and has

Enterprises with certain strength and scale

I was born in 1982

At that time, it was also called Yunfu Lixin Granite Rock Factory



After my hard work and dedication

The scale and strength are becoming increasingly large








Wayon Stone has already been born

15339 days

As of 2023,

Wayon Stone has been established for 41 years!

Stone category

Grade One

Until 2023,

I have been with you for 41 years

Experienced in production and processing,

Quartz stone, terrazzo

Cement stone, marble

Gemstones, MCS ultra-thin soft stones, etc

Without hesitation,

Meanwhile, in 2023

It has also sold many new categories.

Hot selling new products in 2023

Wayon gemstone




MCS Stone



Luxurious gemstones and soft and lightweight soft stones are outstanding new products in 2023, and their uniqueness is deeply loved by customers. Whether it's hotels, villas, or other buildings, you can see their figures.

As the main product promoted by Wayon, quartz has also made outstanding contributions in 2023, and its sales have been far ahead!

Top1- WG466 




Top2- WG415 




Top3- WG460 



Top4- WG515 


Top5- WG519 



Wayon quartz stone has a variety of styles, customizable colors, and features such as flame resistance, acid resistance, and chemical resistance. It is a high-quality building material used as a kitchen countertop. So, whether from its development trend or prospects, it is very advantageous. It has a variety of applicable styles, such as modern style, light luxury style, rural style, and so on.

Wayon Stone adheres to the attitude of quality and efficiency first, independently produces and processes stones, achieving smooth, delicate, and flawless surfaces, and providing customers with high-quality products.




Finished product processing Top5


Top1- Countertop



Top2- wash basin




Top3-  Specification board




Top4- Tabel Top


Top5- Customized patchwork



the Top1 countertop panel has been consistently ranked as one of the processed products, constantly creating beautiful and meaningful kitchen and bathroom spaces. Other processed products can also be seen in decoration spaces such as residential and banquet halls.

Engineering projects

Grade 2

In the context of the sluggish project engineering market in 2023, Weiyang Stone has also assisted hundreds of engineering projects, including hotels, shopping malls, train stations, apartments, restaurants, etc., touching on multiple fields such as commerce, transportation, cultural industry, real estate industry, etc., continuously improving brand awareness and recognition.

In engineering projects, terrazzo is the most prominent, with excellent wear resistance in both the ground and countertop.













With the joint collaboration and cooperation of multiple departments in Wayon and the active and meticulous production of the factory, adhering to the principle of efficiency and quality above all else, and considering from the customer's perspective, all engineering projects have been successfully completed.

Export exchange

Grade Three

2023 Wayon Stone Total

Unlocked 42

Export trading countries and regions

North America, South America, Middle East

Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa

Our products can be found in Oceania and other places

(Ranked in no particular order among 42 export trading countries and regions)

Among the 42 export trading countries, the farthest trading country belongs to the French Guiana Islands in South America, with a distance of 14999 kilometers and a arrival time of at least 53 days by sea.

Meanwhile, in 2023, Wayon Stone also participated in many domestic and international exhibitions, such as the Xiamen Stone Exhibition, the Spring and Autumn Canton Fair, and the Italy Vidona Stone Exhibition.




  Canton Fair

I have been participating for 17 consecutive years



Italian Stone Exhibition





Wayon Stone enhances its brand awareness, continuously expands its business channels, and seeks more business opportunities by participating in exhibitions. Meanwhile, by observing and analyzing the booths of peers, one can understand the latest products and services in the market, providing reference for future development planning.


Certification Awards

Grade 4

Thank you to the researchers for their strong support. Currently, Weiyang Stone has obtained multiple green certifications, and the stones produced have achieved green environmental protection, antibacterial and sterilization effects, contributing to a green earth

Help with environmental protection!


Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification


quality management system certification


Environmental Management System Certification


Gold Medal Green Defender

NSF US Food Safety Certification (ANSI 51)




Although wayon Stone has performed excellently in various aspects and fields in 2023, it has also encountered many global difficulties and challenges.


Challenge - Global Economic Depression

Political instability, geopolitical risks, aging population, natural disasters, and climate change have had a negative impact on the global economy, and the outbreak of the pandemic has led to further contraction of the global economy. Both the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia have been affected by the pandemic, which has had a great impact on global trade.

The global economic downturn has led to a decrease in demand, which has also affected our company's order demand.


Challenge - Panama Canal Dry Season

Since the spring of 2023, drought has been plaguing the main shipping gateway of global trade - the Panama Canal. Due to the decreasing time slots for carriers to book shipping routes, the average waiting time across the canal is currently about 21 days. Due to the dry season of the Panama Canal, 154 ships were stuck in place, severely affecting water transportation.

Our American customers have also been severely affected in terms of shipping costs and goods transportation.




Challenge - Red Sea Shock

On December 3, 2023, the risk of the Israeli Palestinian conflict overflowed into the Red Sea, and the Suez Canal is one of the world's most critical waterways, handling approximately 12% of global cargo transportation, 30% of container trade, and nearly 10% of crude oil trade through over $1 trillion of goods annually. Ships passing through the Suez Canal must enter and exit the Red Sea through the Mander Strait at the southern end of the Red Sea.

So there is a risk of attacks on merchant ships, and multiple shipping companies have announced the suspension of the Red Sea route, severely affecting global shipping.

As a result, our shipping situation is not optimistic, and the freight and cargo transportation of European customers have also been seriously affected.



Entering 2024

In 2024, Wayon Stone will continue to forge ahead, face all challenges and difficulties, adhere to a quality assurance service attitude, and achieve an efficient and high-level production mode. At the same time, we will increase investment in research and development, promote technological innovation, expand business areas, and enhance market competitiveness. In the new year, we will continue to strengthen team building, improve employee quality, and build an efficient execution team. Finally, we look forward to working hand in hand with all our partners to create brilliance and strive for sustainable development and leading position in the industry.


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