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Wayon Terrazzo | Advanced design sense in different spaces
Dec 01,2023

Wayon Terrazzo | Advanced design sense in different spaces

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Wayon Stone | Interpreting the Multi faceted Charm of Terrazzo

Wayon terrazzo has carefully designed and high-quality performance requirements, embodying the simple beauty of nature and modern industrial style. Wayon Stone draws inspiration from the beauty of nature through ingenious interpretation, activating the ever-changing terrazzo in different spaces, and meeting the needs of different customers for different spatial scenes.

The editor shares customer engineering cases of Wayon terrazzo, explores the dynamic figures of terrazzo in different environments, and together appreciate the spatial style conveyed by Wayon terrazzo in different spaces, bringing new space creation inspiration to everyone.

An excellent choice for designing homestay spaces

Terrazzo model: WT210 Iwayama Grey

Case application space: Apartment space


▲WT210 Iwayama Grey

The warm and elegant color tone and texture make this simple and pure beauty extremely suitable for use in apartment spaces. The space becomes simple and warm, showcasing the low-key high-end beauty of terrazzo.


Iwayama Grey,Easy to create a sense of hierarchy in the apartment space, in line with the Japanese Nordic minimalist style. At the same time, selecting solid color fabric furniture and other decorations to decorate it can create a sense of hierarchy in the apartment space, which is both warm and modern.



WT210 Iwayama GreyCreate a quiet corner on the ground, full of texture and fashion, conveying a comfortable and fashionable lifestyle, and enhancing the quality of the space.


Advanced design essential for indoor functional areas

Terrazzo model: WT241 Valentino Grey

Case application space: swimming pool

WT241 Valentino Grey


Presenting a simple yet textured gray and white color tone, highly textured. Presenting a soft grayish white color tone and light and shadow, it is used to create a harmonious beauty between the color and light transformation of indoor space floors. It is very suitable for use in larger indoor spaces such as indoor swimming pools.


▲Valentino gray floor paving


Through the application of terrazzo elements, Valentino Grey can create an indoor swimming venue space with an ultimate light and shadow experience atmosphere, enhancing the quality of the space and perfectly matching the light and shadow of the indoor space.

Valentino grey washbasin


Using Wayon Valentino gray terrazzo to create a customized washbasin, it invisibly highlights the unique style of the swimming pool theme and enhances the recognition of the theme space. The feeling of the floor and washbasin echoing each other endows the entire interior space with a new style and concept.



The preferred terrazzo for commercial and industrial style flooring

Terrazzo model: WT264 Sunday Dark Grey

Case application space: Chaowan Commercial Park Square


▲WT264 Sunday Dark Grey


Wayon's dark grey classic terrazzo with white lines presents a delicate and soft visual effect. Sunday Dark Grey can create a high-grade spatial picture, whether it is the overall pavement of the ground or the local decoration.



Retro and fashionable, integrating humanities and art, continuing the original industrial style of the park, the overall floor layout reflects a full industrial style. This dark gray terrazzo is classic and durable, while Sunday is gray, creating a popular mark of Chaoyou Square. This terrazzo is very suitable for fashionable and textured spaces like trendy commercial squares. It is a good choice for public commercial spaces.


WT143 Summit Pale White



Case application space: indoor office environment



▲WT143 Summit Pale White


Summit Pale White The color is bright and pure, blending the clouds and smoke from the top of the snowy mountain with a perfectly white gray color to give the board a deeper texture and create an introverted and peaceful atmosphere in the space. This clear color scheme provides a fresh and clean color temperature feeling for the office space. This Wayon terrazzo is very suitable for indoor environments.




Many people believe that the office area is only suitable for tile laying. Weiyang uses terrazzo as the flooring for the floor area, which brings a different texture and can bring a clean and refreshing atmosphere to the work area. The soft and smooth texture, combined with the decoration of the office area, reflects a beautiful and upward corporate culture atmosphere.



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