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Wayon Terrazzo | Shenzhen A-park Creative Park Project Case Sharing
Oct 19,2023

Wayon Terrazzo | Shenzhen A-park Creative Park Project Case Sharing

Shenzhen A-park Creative Park selected wayon terrazzo WT264 Sunday Dark Grey,WT278 Yanshan Baoyu, and WT143 Yunshan Hao Noodles.
P1-p3 The park uses WT264 Sunday Dark Grey terrazzo as the ground, which continues the retro industrial style of the park, is classic and attractive, and highlights the humanistic and artistic atmosphere of the park as a gathering place for young people.
P4-p5 The wash basin in the park is made of WT278 Iwayama jade, which has a rock-like texture and is as white as jade. WT278 Iwayama jade wash basin adds a fresh and comfortable sense of quality to public spaces.
P6-P7 WT143 Summit Pale White is as white as snow and its color is breathtaking. Used as a floor panel in internal spaces, it can enhance the brightness and liveliness of the space and polish the delicate texture. The natural texture is looming and contains the charm of space.
Wayon Stone's terrazzo is carefully polished and has excellent color and texture. A variety of terrazzo models can be matched and combined to achieve personalized design. We have tailored customized solutions for different spaces in A-park Creative Park to create a sense of space atmosphere and help it become a new cultural and creative landmark in the city.
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