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What are the advantages of black quartz stone countertops
Nov 05,2021

What are the advantages of black quartz stone countertops

Quartz countertops are one of the most common cabinet materials in our daily life. Although they use a lot, most people don't know much about quartz countertops. So what are the advantages of black quartz countertops? Next, let the editor lead you to solve this problem.
1. The hardness of quartz stone is very high, and the surface is very resistant to slippage. Its hardness ranks second in nature. The first is diamond.
2. Its stain resistance is also very good, because the density of quartz stone is very high, it can withstand the erosion of strong acid and alkali, the objects usually used will not penetrate into it, and the pollutants that stay in the outer layer for a long time only need to be used. It is fine to clean with a damp cloth or detergent, and if necessary, using a blade to handle it will not damage the countertop.
3. The surface will not turn yellow, because its appearance has been polished, so it will not be scratched by a knife or shovel, nor will it be penetrated by liquids, so there will be no yellowing or discoloration. Just wash it with clean water. Even if it is used for a long time, it can be as beautiful as a new one without too much maintenance.
4. The refractory of quartz stone is first-class, it will not burn due to the influence of high temperature, and the high temperature resistance is also very good.
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