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What is terrazzo? | terrazzo stone for worktop
Jul 27,2021

What is terrazzo? | terrazzo stone for worktop

What is terrazzo?
Terrazzo (also called grindstone) is a product made by mixing crushed stone, glass, quartz stone and other aggregates into cement binders to make a coagulated product and then grinding and polishing the surface. The terrazzo made of cement bonding material is called inorganic grindstone, and the terrazzo made of epoxy bonding material is also called epoxy grindstone or organic grindstone. According to the construction process, the terrazzo is divided into on-site pouring terrazzo and prefabricated board terrazzo ground. .
Traditional terrazzo has a huge market in China due to its unique advantages such as low cost, arbitrarily color-to-color parquet, and convenient construction. The terrazzo floor has been used in various urban and rural buildings across the country as much as one billion square meters.
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