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What is the use of terrazzo? | ice white terrazzo stone
Nov 05,2021

What is the use of terrazzo? | ice white terrazzo stone

With the rise of natural stone, the market competitiveness of ordinary terrazzo has been declining. Terrazzo floor is loved by people for its water absorption, variety of patterns, and ease of cleaning. The terrazzo grinder is a stone refurbishing machine that cares and refurbishes the terrazzo floor, and is a stone maintenance equipment widely used in modern society.
Terrazzo is a kind of artificial stone, which has the characteristics of high density, high hardness, wear resistance, low price and convenient construction.
  Generally speaking, home-made terrazzo ground maintenance is mopped with a mop. The terrazzo will be bright when there is water. Generally, when mopping the ground, bringing more water will help to maintain the ground. Moreover, after the ground absorbs water, it slowly volatilizes to make the air moist, especially in winter, which has certain benefits for people's respiratory tract.
Facing the weathering and abrasion of terrazzo, the only way at home and abroad is to remove the dirt on the surface of the stone and apply a layer of wax.
  This method can protect the surface of the new terrazzo to a certain extent, delaying the speed of natural weathering and abrasion, but for the surface of the terrazzo that has been weathered and abraded, the effect is no different from brushing a layer on the surface of the decayed wood. Varnishes can't reproduce the beautiful mirror-like effect at all. Moreover, the cere film formed in this way has poor durability, and it can only be maintained for about a week before being re-waxed.
  Not only the construction is frequent and the cost is high, waxing can neither treat the symptoms nor the root cause.
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