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Why choose terrazzo? | terrazzo stone for worktop
Jul 27,2021

Why choose terrazzo? | terrazzo stone for worktop

Why choose terrazzo?
(1) After high-grade terrazzo (also known as commercial terrazzo) is treated with high brightness, the high brightness reaches 70-90 degrees or more, and the dust-proof and anti-skid reach the quality of marble.
(2) Wear resistance terrazzo, surface hardness can reach 6-8 level.
(3) Freshly made or pre-made terrazzo, can be spliced ​​at will, colors and colors can be customized.
(4) The new terrazzo will not crack, not be afraid of being rolled by heavy vehicles, not afraid of being dragged by heavy objects, and will not shrink or deform.
(5) No dust and high cleanliness; cleanliness meets the requirements of high clean environment such as pharmaceuticals and chip manufacturing.
(6) Inorganic terrazzo is non-flammable, non-flammable, anti-aging, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, no peculiar smell and no pollution.
(7) The color is bright and clean. If you need to improve the brightness of the floor wax or crystals, (without affecting its anti-static performance), harden and wear-resistant terrazzo stone, it can maintain long-term beauty without waxing.
(8) The decorative grid strips of the existing terrazzo are horizontal and vertical, and there is no gap between the grids, the connection is dense, and the overall aesthetics is good; the commercial terrazzo can be designed with any pattern to achieve a beautiful decorative effect.
(9) The building performance and mechanical performance are the same as those of high-quality terrazzo floors used in various buildings. They meet the requirements of the national standard GB50209-2002 and the standard requirements of JC507-1993 building terrazzo products.
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