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Year-end Special |
Dec 29,2021

Year-end Special | "Return to the True Inorganic Terrazzo"

Simple temperament has endless possibilities

As the most simple role in architectural design

Let the space show tranquility and cleanliness


The delicate white texture is naturally transparent

Suitable for interior wall and floor decoration of architectural space

Matching with wood-colored furniture can highlight the sense of simplicity


Modern people's vision and yearning for green life

Can be handed over to this terrazzo to help you achieve

Feel the breath of nature in daily life




Gray represents high-level, calm, and elegant

Loved by many large modernist buildings

Feel the embodiment of its art from the stone




The harmonious whole shows the inclusiveness of the stone

It fits perfectly with various styles

Inject fresh vitality into the architectural space


Wayon Stone

Inorganic terrazzo slabs have gradually entered people's field of vision

Natural, fashionable and interesting Wwayon terrazzo

Whether it’s home design or architectural decoration

Can light up every inch of your dream space

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