Case丨Wayon Terrazzo presents: the collision of trend and history and culture

27 Nov 2021

Xi'an Datang Everbright City·Tide Space MYPLACE Chao Space·MY PLACE is located in Xi’an Datang Evernight City Pedestrian Street, as a commercial complex integrating multiple

Wayon Stone x Halloween丨Deep and charming elegance

31 Oct 2021

Halloween -Happy Halloween- Halloween is also called All Saints' Day On November 1st of each year, it is a traditional Western festival Halloween, what kind of ghost do you use to match yo

Exclusive case | Changsha W Hotel & Wayon Cement Stone

19 Sep 2021

Light imparts drama to beauty, and wind and rain add color to life through their effects on the human body. Architecture is a medium that enables people to feel the existence of nature"-Tadao Ando 1. Trend

Welcome to visit our Facebook!

28 Aug 2021

In order to let our customers know more about Wayon Stone’s latest developments and the products, we will officially operate Facebook. The latest information, product introductions, processing videos, etc. are disp

Quartz Stone Manufacturer in China | Project Support | OEM/ODM

15 Jul 2021

Quartz stone manufacturer in China Factory Best Price  CAD Drawing Quote Low MOQ quartz slab china