Advantages and cleaning methods of light white terrazzo stone

10 Sep 2021

Advantages and cleaning methods of light white terrazzo stone 1. The terrazzo is bright in color. And when making, you can customize the color, the pattern can also be spliced at will, the ground will not be dusty, the

What is the difference between marble and granite?marble granite slabs

13 Aug 2021

The application of stone in the field of decoration is extremely wide, beautiful in appearance, large and strong, with unique visual vision, concentrated color and vision, and processing ability also allows stone to form

The help of rose quartz stone for children

13 Aug 2021

Children can use any crystal, but some crystals are particularly gentle, embodying children's naughty spirit. Rose quartz is very suitable for children because it is a gentle stone that can provide an unlimited dose

The difference between agate black gem and chalcedony

13 Aug 2021

Chalcedony and agate are the same mineral, both belong to cryptocrystalline jade. The difference between the two is that agate has obvious banded texture, while chalcedony does not. Agate and chalcedony are among the mos

The application of ice beige terrazzo in life

13 Aug 2021

The core collection is a noble furniture created by a discarded water mill accidentally discovered by a construction craftsman through surface processing, polishing, and polishing. People are refreshing and say its trait